Mom S3E3 Review

Last week, Bonnie and Christy helped out a young addict. This week, they will be helping people out again. How does that go? Read on for my thoughts on the episode.

S2E3 "Mozzarella Sticks and a Gay Piano Bar"

At the start of the episode, Bonnie and Christy get home, and Jodi is still asleep. She wakes up, and they encourage her to get a job. She says that her first choice would be to get famous on YouTube. That was pretty funny. Also, there was a funny joke about how Bonnie is sarcastic.

Jodi is having trouble getting a job, so Bonnie and Christy teach her how to lie on her application. At the coffee shop, Jodi tells the group that she got a job as a barista. When she gets her first paycheck, Bonnie and Christy tell her that she should give some of that money back to her sister, who she stole money from before. Three months later, Jodi's sister is letting her move in with her, and after an emotional goodbye, they discover they are a floor off, and have to say goodbye again. Christy and Bonnie love how they feel now after helping Jodi, so they go to a bar to help an alcoholic there. This results in a lot of hilarious lines. One of the lines from Bonnie is about how the people at the bar aren't there for the mozzarella sticks.

Bonnie and Christy approach a very drunk woman at the bar. They offer to help her, and tell her there are many people that would want to help her. Bonnie and Christy then bring her to an AA meeting, where she plays "Bohemian Rhapsody" hilariously, as she later reveals that she thought that she was in a gay piano bar. After that, Bonnie and Christy bring her to their house. In the middle of the night, the woman wakes up, and leaves, though she falls onto the blind neighbor. They discover that she isn't an alcoholic, she just had a bad day.

Bonnie and Christy share with Jill and Wendy how things went with the woman, and they comfort Bonnie and Christy. After they leave, Jill and Wendy feel good, and decide to try to help someone else as well, which was very funny.

Overall, it was a very good episode. The recurring joke about the blind man's heater was very funny, in addition to what I mentioned above.

What did you think of "Mozzarella Sticks and a Gay Piano Bar"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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