Special review: Limitless S1E9

I know, I know. I'm not responsible for Limitless and it's already Thursday but I really felt the need to write about this amazing episode. So sit back and enjoy this edition of Special review.

 S1E9  "Headquarters!"

This episode begins with Brian badgering Naz for a new office and his choice of cases which leads to a series of comical refusals, showing us that Naz is much more than just a bland superior. To win Naz over, Brian decides to take down the FBI's 10 most wanted criminals and to show his commitment, he tells Naz that he already caught one of them by showing her a well timed news broadcast of his arrest which leads to Naz giving him permission to form a team.

Brian brings in Rebecca, Boyle, Rooks, some other guys and... a janitor and calls them "The Bruntouchables". He then proceeds to give them each a target to follow, while he and Rebecca chase down Lawrence Drake( played by Isiah Whitlock Jr. AKA Clay Davis)
Brian and Rebecca track him down but lose him. To find him, Brian teaches himself Synesthesia (the condition to be able to see smells as colors) to track Drake but upon reaching his apartment realises that Drake may not be guilty of killing his wife. This leads to an interesting scenario where Brian gives Drake NZT to help figure out his wife's killer who was apparently hired to kill Drake by a man who wanted to build a space elevator but could not because Drake owned the patent. They then get the killers confession in exchange for a dozen bagels from a shop in Coney island. Sounds like the killer got a great deal.

Brian's team eventually ended up taking down 7 out of 10( including Drake) before Naz shut him down but to thank him, Naz finally gives Brian his own office. To celebrate, Brian gives the gang T-shirts he asked the janitor to make which featured "The Bruntouchables" logo

On the family side, Brian invites his family for dinner but notices his father is not talking to him.
At the end of the episode, his dad revealed that he was avoiding Brian because he was not being honest about his work which finally leads to Brian telling his dad about NZT. But that wasn't the best part of this episode.

The best part was when we are shown a bunch of clips from some fake "Bruntouchables" sequels similar to the ending of 22 Jump street. This last scene is why I think this is one of the best things to air on Network TV

Quote of the Special: "Sorry Rebecca, I didn't mean to suggest that women can't be horrible criminals too"

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