Jane the Virgin S2E7 Review

This week's episode has been advertised as a Black Friday episode--and sort of a Target commercial. Will the humor obviously being attempted by this episode succeed? I will review the episode below.

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S2E7 "Chapter Twenty-Nine"

The episode began with a flashback to Jane as a teen babysitting, which is not going well. In the present, Rafael is trying to convince Jane to hire a babysitter. Eventually, she agrees to consider it. The Villanueva women take Rafael to his first Black Friday at Target, which looks like it will be very funny. Then, Jane sees Michael at Target. They talk very briefly, and Michael says that he isn't interested in catching up. Later, at the hotel, Jane runs into Petra, who is getting ice. Jane offers to help, but Petra acts strangely. Xiomara is concerned that Rogelio didn't like the theme song she wrote for his new telenovela, but he is concerned about the legal issues from the creators of Mad Men. Jane attempts to impress someone at an event with her writing class, but she accidentally ruins her dress due to how much she had to drink.

Jane wants to email the woman to apologize, but Xiomara insists that she hand-write a note. Rogelio's project gets turned out. Jane is dropping off the note, but water spilled and it is smudged, so she decides to write a new one, but can't find a pen. The woman enters and sees Jane looking through her desk. Jane and the woman then finally have a connection, nursing. She agrees to read some of Jane's work and consider being her advisor. Michael attends Nadine's funeral, revealing that she has died. It turns out that Nadine actually died protecting Michael. Rogelio reveals to the Villanuevas that he invested all of his money into his pilot, and now he is broke until he gets another job.

Jane and Xo try to figure out how Rogelio can live on his current budget, and it seems easy to them, but impossible to him. This was a great scene. Rogelio decides to swallow his pride, and accept a project he doesn't like that much from the network. Also, Jane gets a call from Petra, inviting her to lunch, very awkwardly, which was hilarious. Jane gets notes from the woman who read her work, but she finds the notes, which include "turn up the volume" and "make it more sparkly" to be challenging. At the same time, the pretend friend of Jane's is meeting with Luisa, who says way too much. Rogelio gets a new role, which he really doesn't like, though he insists that he must take it. Xiomara reveals that her theme song was chosen for another show, Rogelio's rival's show.

Petra cancels her lunch with Jane because of some plan her mother has. Michael, it turns out, was not fired, but he has been undercover. Of course. Of course. How else would the show keep him a part of the story without the drama between him and Jane? I hope he dies soon, because I'm getting really tired of him. Jane is having trouble letting the perfect babysitter take care of Mateo, and she ends up quitting. Rogelio goes to Esteban and accidentally makes things bad for Xo. Jane discovers that her teacher's notes were very helpful, so she asks him to be her advisor, but it turns out that, while she was drunk, instead of forwarding the email to her pretend friend, she replied to the teacher, calling him a mean name.

Petra's mother's wonderful plan involves pretending that the dead Ivan is not dead to get him out of their room. This ends up involving distracting Jane, and Petra says that she doesn't want to be friends with Jane, though we can tell that she actually does. I am loving Petra in this episode. She actually wants to have friends, she just isn't good at it and a lot of crazy things are going on right now in her life. Rogelio decides to give up on the telenovela, and this encourages Jane to pursue the helpful advice from her teacher, even if that means taking his class again for no credit, which makes him agree to be her advisor. Jane and Rafael go on a one-hour date after they convince the babysitter to babysit, and he shows her a house, and suggests that they move in together. Then, an article is published about the Solanos!

Rogelio moves into the one-bedroom condo, which he actually finds to be quite convenient, and Xiomara is notified that her theme song will be used, which is due to Rogelio, though he doesn't tell her that. I thought that this was great how it showed Rogelio's character growth. Jane discovers on the nanny cam that Rafael talked to the so-called friend of Nadine. And, it turns out that Luisa's mother is not actually dead like she thought!

Overall, this was a good episode. I enjoyed most of it, the biggest part I didn't enjoy being Michael.

What did you think of "Chapter Twenty-Nine"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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