Jane the Virgin S2E5 Review

Britney Spears is on Jane the Virgin this week, and while I don't really care, I hope that it brings viewers to this underrated show.

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S2E5 "Chapter Twenty-Seven"

The episode started with a flashback to when Jane was very little and she drew on the wall. Now, the writing on the wall says that Jane is supposed to be with Michael. She plans to break the news to Rafael before telling Michael, but Rafael knows and is talking to Luisa about handling the situation. Because Luisa is a good person to come to in a crisis. At the Marbella, Jane sees Britney Spears and this results in a great fantasy. Jane ends up getting a selfie as Britney gets into the elevator. Xo finds out about Britney and tells Rogelio, who is upset because of his apparent falling out with Britney. Does Rogelio actually know Britney Spears? Rafael finds out about Petra's upcoming marriage to Milos, and he thinks she is using this as a bargaining chip when it comes to custody for their baby. He also delay's Jane giving him the news about Michael. Alba goes to her immigration interview, and it turns out that Xo has a felony.

The felony, it turns out, had to do with a jewelry store robbery. A high school boyfriend of hers stole it for her, and she took the blame. This may make it harder for Alba to get a green card. Jane runs into Michael and Luisa interrupts their conversation. Luisa is a very entertaining character, probably the second funniest (second only to Rogelio). Jane talks to Petra, who continues to claim that she is in love with Milos. In the lobby, things get very funny when Rogelio confronts Britney Spears.

Rogelio now has a restraining order against him from Britney, so he decides to get his fans to unite against Britney's fans. Jane and Xo go to talk to Zed, Xo's ex, and he is hilarious. Unfortunately, he won't take the blame, so Jane goes to Michael for help, and his new partner is getting very suspicious. Jane talks to Petra's mother, and it was very funny when the narrator types up things that Milos could be holding over Petra in her accent. She tells Jane that Milos is an internet criminal. Jane gives Petra a flash drive to download the files off of Milos' computer. Jane and Rafael talk, and she tells him that she is choosing Michael. Jane returns home to go to the meeting with Xo and Alba, but she discovers that they ate the marijuana chocolate from Zed. I knew that would come back into play.

Xo and Alba start to act strange, though it isn't exactly marijuana high-like behavior, except when Xo says that she thinks that the meeting is a trap. Jane gets Rogelio to babysit Xo and Alba as she goes to talk to Petra. Petra has discovered that Milos bugged her room. Jane sees Britney and decides to talk to her. Rogelio and Britney end up making up. Michael gets in trouble at work for letting Nadine go, and he believes that the anonymous source is Rafael. He finds Rafael and attacks him. The problem is that Jane and Mateo are there, and when something glass is broken, Mateo is cut.

Jane believes that Rafael talked to the police, and the short scene between them is great. At home, Jane discovers that Xo and Alba got Zed to confess, and it was hilarious how they did so. It turns out that June 12th, the day of the flashback, was the day that Jane's Grandpa Mateo died. Michael discovers that it was not Rafael that testified against him, but one of Nadine's friends. He tells Jane, and she decides that they can't be together anymore. Michael is then fired for breaking into the captain's office, and when he gets to his car, Nadine puts a gun to his head and says "drive."

This was a great episode. A lot happened, and there were a lot of funny moments.

What did you think of "Chapter Twenty-Seven"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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