Life in Pieces S1E7 Review

While Life in Pieces started out pretty good, it has been up-and-down recently. Will this episode be an up or a down? Read on for my thoughts!

S1E7 "Nanny Tent Earrings Cheeto"

In the first story, Greg and Jen are trying to find a nanny. The first nanny they interview is too old an can't remember things. Greg is convinced that the second nanny is attracted to him. On the third attempt, the lactation specialists from earlier show up. Finally, they find a good nanny, but Jen is having trouble leaving baby Lark alone. Eventually she is able to, but she runs a background check on the nanny and it turns out that she was arrested. The reason for the arrest, however, had to do with protesting the Vietnam War. The nanny runs a background check on them, however, and it turns out that Jen was arrested for flashing a police officer in college. They offer the nanny the job, and she accepts. The second nanny and the lactation specialists were not funny, but the first nanny was funny and Jen was very funny after they find the good nanny.

In the second story, Tim, Greg, and Matt go camping together. It turns out to really not be funny. Tim behaves strangely, and when some guys are doing "tent dives", they eventually decide to defend themselves, but get mistaken for the guys doing the tent dives. This story was not funny, and Tim was especially unfunny.

In the third story, Heather gives Matt money, and later Colleen shows up with new earrings. Heather is sure that Matt bought the earrings with her money. Eventually, she brings that up, but it turns out that he had the earrings before and never spent the money. Also, he announces that he just got a job. Heather was sort of funny, but too unlikable in this story.

In the forth story, John shows the family his puppet Cheeto. The rest of the family hates the puppet, but they don't say that. John gives the puppet to Greg and Jen for Lark, but the family ends up pranking each other with the puppet. They all think that this is very funny until John discovers what they have done with Cheeto. He becomes very upset, but the family says that they didn't realize what Cheeto meant to him, and encourage him to do the Cheeto voice again, which they immediately regret. This story was surprisingly pretty good.

The first story was pretty good, the second was really terrible, the third was bad, and the forth was pretty good. Overall, the episode was mediocre.

What did you think of "Nanny Tent Earrings Cheeto"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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