Thursday Ratings: 2 Broke Girls Does Well--Until Football Adjusts it Down

The Ratings Junkie Friday, November 13, 2015
Having some more trouble with the table, trying to get that fixed. In the mean time, here are the A18-49 demo ratings for Thursday. Half-hours noted where necessary. Late night to follow.


Grey's Anatomy: 2.2
Scandal: 2.2 (2.2/2.1)
How to Get Away with Murder: 1.9 (2.0/1.9)

ABC saw more of the same, with Grey's Anatomy (2.2) going down one tenth, and Scandal (2.3) and How to Get Away with Murder (1.9) staying the same. The former two join Modern Family, The Middle, and The Goldbergs in ABC's "2.0 Club" this week, as usual. Of course, Scandal is down nine tenths from its performance last season, and Murder is doing an entire ratings point. Those sure are worrisome drops that hopefully have leveled off instead of taking a similar drop next season.


The Big Bang Theory: 3.8
Life in Pieces: 2.3
Mom: 2.0
2 Broke Girls: 2.0
Elementary: 1.3 (1.3/1.2)

Keep in mind that CBS was preempted. Regardless, I'll analyze these preliminary numbers, but expect them to go down. The Big Bang Theory (3.8) impressed by going up a tenth from last week's final rating, while Life in Pieces (2.3) went up four, Mom (2.0) up five, and 2 Broke Girls up seven tenths from Big Bang's repeat last week, and six tenths from the year-ago performance from The McCarthys. When all is said and done and football is out of the equation, 2 Broke Girls may not be looking so much better than The McCarthys was, which will be very worrisome. Finishing off the night was Elementary, inflated all the way up to a 1.3. It may still survive the chopping block due to its lucrative syndication deal, though.


Bones: 1.1 (1.0/1.1)
Sleepy Hollow: 0.9

Bones (1.1) and Sleepy Hollow (0.9) are both evenly low with last week. At least Sleepy Hollow has improved on Gracepoint, but that's not saying much. Right now it's a dead show walking, and Bones would be too had it not been for FOX's lack of a strong crop of newbies.


Heroes: Reborn: 1.1
The Blacklist: 1.4 (1.5/1.4)
The Player: 0.7

Heroes: Reborn (1.1) continues to disappoint--so much that it lost to last season's much cheaper Biggest Loser. Looks like Heroes: Reborn is the biggest loser here! The Blacklist (1.4) was even with last week, as was The Player (0.7). The Blacklist did its job of improving on the comedies, but it's still just a shadow of its Monday self. The Player, meanwhile, is making Parenthood look really good.

The CW

The Vampire Diaries: 0.6
The Originals: 0.4 (0.5/0.4)

Nothing new on The CW this week, with The Vampire Diaries (0.6) and The Originals (0.4) staying steady with last week.

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