Brooklyn Nine-Nine S3E8 Review

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This season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has so far been the definite weakest season yet, in my opinion. The show really needs to get back the humor it once had, as in January it will be moving back to Tuesdays. For the last season and a half it has aired between The Simpsons and Family Guy on Sundays, and if they want viewers of those two shows who have been sticking around on FOX in the half-hour between Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Tuesdays, the last few episodes of 2015 need to be good ones.

S3E8 "Ava"

In the teaser, Boyle is dressed up as a chicken, and Jake tries to get his attention, and that's pretty much all that happens. At least it was short. Terry is going to investigate with Rosa, and he gives Jake the task of taking care of his wife if she shows up before he gets back. She is pregnant, and Holt is awkward around her, so Jake needs to keep Holt away from her. Also, the internet is down, so Amy and Boyle need to fill out a lot of paperwork by hand. Gina helps Jake keep Holt away from Sharon, and that is pretty funny. Then, Sharon's water breaks, early.

Jake calls Terry, and can't stop saying the word "vaginal", and Terry says that he will be heading back to the precinct soon. Jake tells Holt that he needs to stay away from Sharon in order to not stress her out. It turns out that the doula is out of town for Thanksgiving, and the backup doula is currently busy, so Jake goes to get relaxing CDs from Terry's office. However, the atmosphere outside Holt's office, where Sharon is being kept, is not calm. Hitchcock and Scully come to the rescue for Amy and Boyle when they reveal that they know about more fax machines, but they end up starting a fire with them. Also, Terry and Rosa are having trouble getting back to the precinct when the train the are on stops.

Jake finally admits that he needs Holt's help, but the help that he would like is from Holt's doctor ex-boyfriend. However, things didn't end well with Holt and him. Terry, in an attempt to get back to the precinct, has to get on the back of a motorcycle that Rosa drives. After Holt admits to throwing away a duck decoration that his ex-boyfriend loved, he agrees to help, although Holt tells Jake that he didn't throw away the seven hundred dollar duck. Meanwhile, Hitchcock gets his arm stuck in a tube, which is pretty funny. The ex-boyfriend tells Jake that he recommends taking Sharon to the hospital, though she and Terry don't want to go to a hospital due to a previous bad experience. Sharon, however, asks Jake to make the decision.

Sharon is taken to the hospital, and Terry finally shows up. Terry later tells the group that he has a baby girl, who is quite large, fourteen pounds. Terry thanks people, and notices that Hitchcock and Scully are there due to an unrelated injury, which was very funny. Also, Boyle still doesn't get a chance to name what he is thankful for. Terry lets Jake be the first one to meet the baby, and Terry says that he can hold her, though Jake thinks that he means Sharon, not baby Ava, which was pretty funny.

Overall, this was a very good episode. Amy, Boyle, Hitchcock, and Scully were especially funny, but the whole group was great in this episode, and every plot was a good one.

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