Analysis of TV Ratings Weeks 7,8,9

 Hi my name is Preston and I will be analyzing the network television ratings every other week and how the ratings can impact your favorite show and in if it is renewed or cancelled. So read on to find out!! Welcome back everyone, last time you heard from me it was three weeks ago, sorry it has been crazy lately. Anywase, I know you don't want to hear about my private life so let's get to some analyzing some ratings!!!! Btw this will be my last post of the fall season since many shows are in hiatus for the holiday season.


     Dancing with the Stars: 2.4, 13.5 mil, for its season finale DWTS ended on a good note and definitely will be back for another season.

     Supergirl: 1.5, 7.1 mil, this show doesn't have much more room to drop but still as of now I think it is fine.

     Minority Report: 0.5, 1.5 mil, REENEWED, just kidding CANCELLED cause I mean come on haha.

     Jane the Virgin: 0.4, 1 mil, once again I think this show gets renewed due to critics and CBS affirmative action.

     Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: 0.3, 0.9 mil, even though I love this show I guess not many others due because it dosent pull in many viewers. Even though it earned 5 extra episodes, is I'm sure cheap to make, and has CBS affirmative action on its side, I still don't think we will see it on the schedule come the 2016/2017 season.

     Castle: 1.1, 6.6 mil, I still don't get why Castle was put behind DWTS because another show that is trying to get its footing deserves that spot such as Quantico and I think Castle is in last season or will get renewed for a final season.


      Limitless: 1.3, 6.5 mil, this show is one of the most bubble shows of all and I think that it will be cancelled mainly because it airs on CBS and they have higher standards than the other networks.

      Chicago Med: (2.2, 8.6 mil premiere)1.8, 7.6 mil, just in line with the other Chicago's and in this day in age, NBC will take that.

      Scream Queens: 0.8, 2 mil, even with those dismal same day ratings, which FOX now apparently dosent care about haha, I believe that it will pull out a last second renewal because of it DVR ratings.

      Izombie: 0.5, 1.2 mil, this show got 6 more episodes ordered but due to the curse of the partial back order and since it gets those ratings behind The Flash, you would think the CW would expect more.

      Wednesday (nationals):

      Empire: 3.1, 9.1 mil, I get that it aired the night before Thanksgiving but still that is never a number that Empire wanted to see.

      Code Black: 1.4, 7.5 mil, on a night everything else was down, Code Black actually rose and shows that it is consistent.


       TGIT Trio: (Greys Anatomy: 2.5, 8.4 mil, Scandal: 2.4, 8 mil, HTGAWM, 2.3, 7.1 mil) they all are 100% returning.

       Life in Pieces: 2.2, 8 mil (nationals), improved on Thanksgiving and on a Big Bang repeat so it shows it is not as dependent on TBBT as many thought.

       Friday (note Friday's numbers are from last week):

        Undateable: 0.8, 2.7 mil, depending on how the rest of NBC's comedies due at mid season, this show may pull out a renewable because of its cheap cost since it is live and for a Friday show that actually isn't that bad.
        Grimm: 0.9, 3.6 mil, now that this show has enough episodes to be in syndication, I think that this show will be cancelled or renewed for a final season.

     Sunday (note Sunday's numbers are from last week):

        Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 1.7, 3.9 mil, this show will be back since it has syndication on its side as well.

        The Last Man on Earth: 1.3, 3.2 mil, this show is a big question mark as well since it has a smaller than usual episode order but it's ratings aren't terrible either.

        CSI Cyber: 0.9, 6.3 mil, this show actually has been on the rise as of late and got the same demo as The Good Wife but still will probably get cancelled.

Thank you for reading I will be back two weeks from now with the highlights of the last two weeks. Comment below to tell me what you think!





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