Thanksgiving ABC Renew/Cancel Watch: Dr Ken is Certain to be Renewed

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! As November sweeps is about to close and Thanksgiving about to come, let's take a look at the shows ABC may be thankful for, and which they may be planning to have off the schedule next season.

Certainly Unthankful For
Probably Unthankful For
Neither Thankful nor Unthankful For
Probably Thankful For
Certainly Thankful For
Wicked City
Blood & Oil
Fresh Off The Boat
Last Man Standing
Grey’s Anatomy

The Muppets

The Middle

The Goldbergs

Modern Family


Once Upon a Time

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

How to Get Away with Murder

Dr Ken

Changes from Last Week

-Dr. Ken upgraded from "Likely to be Renewed" to "Certainly Thankful For"
-Nashville downgraded from "Likely to be Renewed" to "Neither Thankful nor Unthankful For"

Why is ABC Certainly Thankful For Dr Ken?

I know, I did say earlier in the season that I would probably be grouping Last Man Standing and Dr Ken together--but I had a change of heart, at least for this week. The thing is, the only reason I'm not certain about Last Man Standing's fate is Tim Allen. The show has held up extremely well, perhaps due to syndication.

I don't think it's fair to penalize Dr Ken if Tim Allen decides not to return to Last Man Standing. The show has improved considerably on year-ago timeslot occupant Cristela, and has now posted five 1.2s in a row (pending adjustment on the last one), proving to be incredibly steady and holding all of its lead-in's audience. With ABC having more multi-cam scripts being considered for next season, maybe they won't give up on the block if Last Man Standing can't be brought back. Which again, 20th Century FOX may be considering trying to package it with Fresh Off The Boat for a renewal, as both are iffy for different reasons.

Why is ABC Neither Thankful nor Unthankful for Nashville?

I've been toying around with thinking Nashville will be renewed due to extraneous factors such as production fees, music sales, and syndication. However, it is indeed lacking the live ratings demo. It may need to improve some more so ABC can have reason to renew it; I do think it still has the edge over Castle.

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