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Jake and Amy finally got together at the end of last season, but we haven't gotten a chance to see them together much yet. This week's episode, however, puts them together on a case. How will that turn out? Continue to read my thoughts!

S3E7 "The Mattress"

In the teaser, Hitchcock and Scully are made fun of because one has a jar of lemonade and the other has a pet fish in an identical jar. Amy is late in the morning because she had trouble sleeping due to Jake's mattress. A perp that Jake brought in has the drug "taxi", which Amy has been investigating, so they decide to take the case together. However, Holt is unsure about them working a case together, but they convince him. Meanwhile, Rosa mentors a kid, and Boyle gets frustrated at what turns out to be Holt's parking job. Both subplots have the potential to be very funny.

Jake and Amy pursue the drug dealer, and eventually Jake tackles him. He lands on a mattress that is identical to Jake's, so Jake and Amy decide to go mattress shopping. The kid that Rosa is mentoring gets arrested for shoplifting, and she is furious. I feel like she is being written in an over-exaggerated way here. Boyle accidentally scratches Holt's car, and Holt is very mad. It really doesn't seem like what Holt is typically like. Jake and Amy go mattress shopping, but Jake thinks that the price is too high, and they get into a fight. This plot makes a lot of sense with the personalities of Jake and Amy.

Holt uncovers more information about the case, and asks Jake and Amy to go undercover as a couple. Gina decides to solve the feud between Holt and Boyle by putting a cupcake on Holt's chair and getting mad at him for sitting on him. Gina was great in this scene. Jake and Amy get into an argument while undercover, and while the argue, the person they are trying to watch turns off the camera. Holt talks to Jake and gives him relationship advice. Rosa realizes that Terry is right about her "tough love" strategy. Jake decides to buy a mattress, and it is a very funny scene. The best part was when the person that Jake and Amy are waiting for shows up, and he wants to finish purchasing the mattress online first.

While the episode showed a lot of promise in the beginning, and the final scene was great, it was a relatively weak episode. The episode was alright.

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