Scream Queens S1E8 Review

While Scream Queens is, at the core of it, a satire, it does actually have an intriguing mystery. Who are the killers? Who is the baby born in the bathtub twenty years ago? And, of course we are always wondering, who will die next? This week's episode addresses a lot of the mystery of Scream Queens. And this is what I thought of it.

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S1E8 "Mommie Dearest"

The episode started with the promised meeting between Grace and Cathy. Cathy claims that she doesn't remember promising Grace to tell her about the baby, which I feel like was a cheap move on the show's part. Cathy is in the shower when the Red Devil sneaks up on her, but she defends herself. She calls 911, but that is no help. Also, the other Red Devil, along with someone dressed up as a Supreme Court justice show up at the door. She continues to defend herself, and she yells some odd things at the person dressed up as the Supreme Court justice. Chanel meets with the Chanels to find out what they discovered about Grace and Zayday. Hester's proof that they are the killers is that "those who pill together kill together", and #5's is that if you rearrange the letters in Zayday's first and last name, you get "I may slay Liz Da". Denise is back, which I am very glad about, and she has moved into Kappa house. #3 says she will give her 3 million dollars to prove that Zayday is the killer, after Denise hilariously talks about what she would do with all the money in the world. Cathy and Grace meet again, and Grace gets the name of the girl who died that had the baby. Denise talks to Jennifer (Candle Blogger) and she tells Denise a story about Zayday where she said she planned on getting revenge on entitled white girls. Zayday, however, is in the bathroom and heard everything that Jennifer said. Later that night, Jennifer is killed by the Red Devil. Is Zayday a killer, or someone, such as Chanel, using this to try to frame Zayday?

Denise tries to get ten percent of the money in advance from Chanel, and then they all discover Jennifer's body. Grace and Pete go back to the asylum and meet with the woman who pains everyone, and they discover that Gigi was the hag, and that there were two babies. Cathy shuts down Wallace University due to the killing of Jennifer, and Chanel meets with detectives from Scotland Yard in a hilarious scene where she tries to get them to prove that Zayday and Grace are the killers.

Grace confronts Gigi, as she has also found out that Gigi didn't mention on her resume that she was a student at Wallace University, though she dropped out after her sophomore year due to medical reasons. The detectives from Scotland Yard meet with Chanel and they reveal that #5 visits the deep web frequently and is involved in a chat room about killing Chanel, but Chanel does not care, she wants dirt on Grace and Zayday. Both seem innocent, but apparently Grace's mother has quite the criminal record.

Grace goes to talk to her dad, and there is a hilarious joke about the lamps that Gigi picked out. Grace says that Gigi is crazy, but her dad says that she is just quirky. Grace realizes that Gigi must have known her mother, meaning that her dad must have known her back then too and must be a part of the murders. Chanel tells Grace that her mother was the Kappa house president, and that she changed her name and went kind of crazy. Her dad won custody of her, and Grace's mother died in a drunken car accident.

Denise dresses up in #5's clothes and decides that she is now the house mother, and Chanel is outraged. They meet in private, and Denise tells Chanel to apologize to Grace or she will make Chad her full-time man. Grace talks to her dad again, and she is mad about his lying. After Grace leaves, Gigi enters and says that Grace is falling apart. She says that Grace is failing out of college, and that he needs to do something, such as committing Grace. It looks like Wes is not one of the killers. Grace and Chanel meet for coffee, and Chanel tells Grace about what her mother is like, and how awful she was to her. Boone shows up at a gym in a disguise, and he tells someone on the phone that Gigi is the weak link, and that she has to go.

After the beginning of the episode, it was an information-heavy one. But, it was still interesting, it was a really good episode.

What did you think of "Mommie Dearest"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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