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This week's episode of Modern Family, which is supposed to be sort of a Thanksgiving episode, though it isn't really, involves sort of a game of hide-and-seek with much of the family in a nice house that Phil is selling.

S7E7 "Phil's Sexy, Sexy House"

At the start of the episode, everyone is at Jay and Gloria's house for Thanksgiving leftovers on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Haley leaves, claiming she has to go to work, but she is really going back to the sexy house that Phil is selling. Haley has to clean up spilled water from the bathtub that she forgot to drain the day before, and Andy shows up. They end up both falling into the tub, then accidentally making the scene romantic due to pressing buttons on a remote. It was pretty funny. Then, they hear someone coming into the house and hide.

Gloria and Jay are stealing the others' wallets so they can book a trip to Miami for all of them as a surprise. Gloria has trouble finding Phil's wallet which turns out to be really funny. Mitch and Cam have the day to themselves, so after high-fiving over flipping a mattress, which was pretty funny, they go to Phil's sexy house. They were really funny there, especially when they hear Phil come into the house.

Phil and Claire plan a roleplaying afternoon, though Phil doesn't realize that's what he is planning. It is hilarious when Luke, his friends, Mitch, and Cam all freeze as Phil is roleplaying. It was pretty funny when Phil and Claire discover everyone at the house except Haley and Andy. It felt like it all happened too fast, though. After everyone else has left, Haley and Andy come out, and they decide that the attraction between them is due to the house, but then Haley races back in and they kiss. It looks like Haley and Andy may finally be getting together.

While the ending felt too rushed, and there were some slow parts, this was an alright episode.

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