The Goldbergs S3E7 Review

Once again, the Goldbergs bring us a fun half hour of entertainment among a bunch of other fun half hour shows on the ABC comedy block.

S3E7 "Lucky"

This episode starts with Erica planning a sleepover with her friends to watch "Troop Beverly Hills", a movie starring forgotten TV star Shelley Long. Like all perverted teenage boys, Adam and his friends try to spy on the girls by placing a camera in their room and connect it to the basement TV.
However, Beverly catches them and  the boys flee before turning off the TV thus allowing Beverly to spy on Erica as she felt left out of the party. Before long Beverly is discovered by Erica and Erica starts giving her the cold shoulder. Erica decides to assert her independence and starts to move away from Beverly. This backfires when Erica and Lainey get arrested for buying scalped concert tickets from an undercover cop. To avoid her mother, Erica calls Pops over to get her out of jail but that comically backfires when Pops is also arrested for not having a driving license. eventually Beverly shows up and bails them all out, but not before getting a heartfelt apology from Erica, thus bringing them closer than before.

Moving on to Storyline 2 where Barry finally convinces Murray to get a dog. The Goldbergs finally get an Old English Sheepdog and after thinking of some puntastic names like John Dog Van Damme,
Arnold Schwartzendogger, and Dogvester Stallone, Barry finally decides on Lucky. However, Barry's plan to have a super dog sidekick goes awry when the dog atarts hanging out with Murray instead. Out of Jealousy Barry challenges Murray to a fight for the dog but Murray tells him that the dog comes to him because of feeding food scraps, but he admits to loving the dog. Eventually, they both find a way to share the dog.

I liked the idea of introducing a dog on the show thus allowing some interesting stories. It was also interesting to see Erica try to do things without her mother, only to realise she still needs her.
I'll be surprised if this show gets below a 2.0 in the Live+SD ratings but I wont be worried since we all know this show isn't going anywhere for a long time.

Quote of the week: "Hello principal Bob, this is your butt doctor calling. We found a problem. Your head was up there"

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