Superstore Series Premiere Review

This Monday, Superstore aired its first two episodes in a "special preview" before its regular airings in January. I think that it could be the best new NBC sitcom since fall 2012's Go On. Will it be? My reviews of episodes one and two are below.

S1E1 "Pilot"

The episode started with some very funny scenes. Amy, played by America Ferrera, sells a ring to a guy, and Jonah, played by Ben Feldman, is hired after a funny interview. Jonah helps Amy clean up packages of toilet paper that fell on the ground. Jonah accidentally comes off as an elitist when introducing himself to Amy. The workers at Cloud 9 have a meeting, and it is hilarious. My personal favorite moment was when the store manager and assistant store manager were arguing about their prayer. Jonah tries to have a new start with Amy, and she gives him a task, making some items 25% off. Amy discovers that her co-worker Cheyenne is the "lucky girl" that the guy who bought a ring from her is proposing to, and Amy encourages Cheyenne to not make a decision she would later regret. Amy then discovers that Jonah had accidentally changed the price of items to $0.25. The first act was really great.

Amy rushes to shut everything down. She gets things thrown at her by a woman who bought some of these $0.25 items. This is hilarious. Jonah builds a sad face out of soda cans to apologize to Amy, but she remarks how one flavor is, as a result, difficult to get to. The conversation that follows between Amy and Jonah is great. The assistant store manager believes that Jonah is interested in her due to her overhearing him asking about dating supervisors. While the other new guy is working hard, Jonah is fooling around in the parking lot, which the store manager is also doing. Amy then tries to prove that she can be fun.

Amy apologizes to Jonah. She explains that she has had a long day, and that every day working at Cloud 9 seems to be the same. A masked burglar tells everyone to get down on the ground. Then, he takes his mask off and it turns out to be the guy who wants Cheyenne to marry him. Then he leads a dance for her. The assistant store manager, who is trying to handle the situation, turns off the lights, and that reveals that Jonah put glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling. The episode ends with the employees talking outside the store, and Amy reveals her name to Jonah. It was a great ending.

S1E2 "Magazine Profile"

At the start of this episode, Glenn, the store manager announces that a reporter will be at the store today. The disabled employee tells Jonah that he doesn't want to be put on the cover of the magazine, and Amy decides to give Glenn a makeover. Cheyenne's fiancée is making up a rap, and it is very funny. The reporter shows up, and Glenn has some serious trouble. He ends up talking a lot about the lights, but the reporter wants to know something interesting. Jonah makes up an idea that Glenn had about organizing the store, and Glenn shares some very funny ideas involving combining words together, such as turning "free samples" into "framples".

The reporter ends up much more interested in Jonah than Glenn. Meanwhile, the photographer tries to track down the disabled employee, which is very funny. Amy comforts Glenn, saying that the reporter is likely only interested in Jonah because he is cure, but Amy says that Jonah isn't cute, he just looks like someone who is cute. The reporter finds Jonah again in the backroom, and she starts to make out with him, which the assistant store manager hilariously watches on the security cameras.

Amy apologizes to Jonah for what she said about the reporter only being interested in him for his looks. The assistant store manager calls an emergency employee meeting, and reveals Jonah's making out with the reporter. She comes to the conclusion that Jonah was sexually assaulted, which ended up being pretty funny.

The other new employee tries to get the reporter to write an article about him. The disabled employee agrees to get his photo taken, but only with Glenn. Cheyenne's boyfriend plays his jingle for the reporter, and she finds it catchy, but he doesn't like the word catchy, and Cheyenne lets him hilariously follow his dreams. Glenn makes the cover of the magazine, though his face is covered up, he is excited anyway.

Both episodes were great, and I think that Superstore had the best comedy pilot I've seen since Go On. Episode 3 has been released online (because there is eight weeks of Superstore in January and February, but nine episodes), and I will review it sometime before Superstore returns, most likely within the next week.

What did you think of "Pilot" and "Magazine Profile"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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