Jane the Virgin S2E6 Review

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Jane recently got accepted into graduate school, and in this week's episode, she begins it. How does that turn out? Read on for my thoughts on the episode, which also features Rogelio attempting to create his own show.

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S2E6 "Chapter Twenty-Eight"

At the start of the episode, Jane is beginning her first day without Michael in her life and preparing for her first day of grad school. Jane and Rafael do their estate planning, and Jane discovers that Rafael is even richer than she thought, which causes her to worry that Mateo will grow up spoiled. Petra, meanwhile, is having a difficult time, even though she is good at negotiating grenade prices. She meets with her mother and it is very funny. Rogelio finishes the final episode of Passions of Santos, and discovers that the crew will be working on her ex's new telenovela, which his nemesis is co-starring in. Rogelio is very funny. Jane arrives late to her first day of grad school, and ends up getting kicked out of class when she takes a call from Mateo's pediatrician. Gina Rodriguez is really good at these types of storylines.

One month later, Jane gets her first grade below a B when she gets a C- on a piece of writing. I really like this episode's theme of firsts. Jane goes to mommy groups and discovers that she is falling behind with the classes missed. Petra asks Jane to bail her mother out of jail due to Petra's pregnancy difficulties. Rogelio pitches a new show to the network, and though it is a dumb idea, the network likes it because Rogelio gets the ratings. Jane and Rafael take Mateo to the doctor and they discover that he has a flat head due to how much time he has spent lying on his back while Jane is writing. Rafael then goes to a doctor appointment for his other child--or children, as Petra is having twins! The narrator reminds us that this is three children for Rafael from zero sex, and puts #RafaeltheVirgin on the screen, which I thought was hilarious.

Another month later, Jane is on the writer's retreat, which means she is missing a doctor appointment where Mateo's helmet is being put on. Petra's mother has been released from prison, and it is a very funny scene between the two of them. On the writer's retreat, Jane opens up to the other writers, and tells them her story. She then discovers when she needs to pump milk that the plug is missing. Rafael brings it to her, and she discovers that Mateo will only drink from the bottle now. It was a great tragic moment for Jane. Also, Rogelio's show was canceled and it was very funny.

Jane is back at home now a month later, and one of the mothers from the mommy group says that she thinks that there's something between her and Rafael. Petra and her mother are trying to get rid of Milos so they can get rid of the bombs, but when Petra's mother annoys Milos too much, Ivan stays with them to make sure they don't get rid of the bombs. Jane falls asleep while someone is reading their work in school, and she is put on academic probation.

After yet another month, Jane is very stressed. It also turns out she has a fever, and she gets very mean when sick. Petra and her mother finally get to ditch the bombs when Ivan has to leave when Milos is arrested. But, they miss one bomb and when Petra's mother picks it up, it explodes. I feel like this month wasn't as long as it should have been.

Another month later, Petra's mother lost a hand and an eye. Petra sees Jane being a good mother and asks how she does it. Jane, Mateo, Xo, Alba, Rafael, and Rogelio have Thanksgiving together, and when Petra shows up, Jane lets her in, and all is well for a short while. However, things don't stay good for long in Jane the Virgin, and some of the problems include one of Jane's writer friends trying to dig up dirt on the Solanos, and Petra's mother killing Ivan because he threatens to reveal a secret of hers. The ending problems felt repetitive, as I feel that we have had very similar situations before.

Jane the Virgin needed to cover a lot of time to get to November, and they did it very well in this episode. Aside from the ending, the episode worked very well. It was a great episode.

What did you think of "Chapter Twenty-Eight"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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