The Goldbergs S3E8 Review

Once again, a wonderful thanksgiving episode has been brought to us by The Goldbergs which is clearly deserving of our thanks.

The Goldbergs S3E8 "In Conclusion, Thanksgiving"

At the start, future Adam talks about how his mom loved Thanksgiving, even going as far as preparing test turkeys before the big day. I still can't believe she threw away a perfectly good turkey. What a waste!
Anyways back to topic, every year Beverly asks Murray to invite his dad Pop-Pop for Thanksgiving but he always refuses. Now you may think that she does this because he is family but the real reason is because she wants Murray's dad to try her cooking after he was disgusted the first time. Uncle Marvin also shows up, this time as a chiropractor in training who mostly makes situations weirder than they already are.
Pops confronts Barry and Erica to take over the tradition of giving the family toast. Upon discovering Pops chose Erica over him, Barry, with the help of Marvin works on what he considered to be the best toast ever.

Meanwhile, Adam discovers that every time Murray listens to the song 'Cats in the Cradle' he gets emotional since he believed it was about a father wanting to reconcile with his son and Adam realised this could be taken advantage of. He keeps doing it until Beverly catches him but instead of telling him to stop, she tells Adam to use his influence to get Pop-Pop over for dinner which i'm sure we all know will turn out badly

While Murray went to get his dad, the family was treated to Barry's toast which somehow really did end up being the best toast ever, which led to Erica trying to rework her toast to copy Barry. When Pop-Pop finally showed up, Murray, his brother and dad argued over the meaning of Cats in the cradle. I found all their theories interesting as Pop-Pop thought it was about a father who wanted to be left alone while Marvin thought it was a revenge story. This fight eventually led to Murray and Pop-Pop finding out that Beverly and Adam manipulated, ending with Murray hurting himself out of anger. To console everyone who were already enraged with each other, Erica convinces everyone to calm down and give Uncle Marvin the confidence to fix Murray back to health. We are then treated to a heart warming scene where everyone finally gets together, making Beverly happy to see her family together

In the final scene, Erica plays a song for Murray about fathers and daughters so she could go on a ski trip which as Erica states very clearly, had backfired on her

This episode was well done(pun intended). While i felt that Pop-Pop's recasting was a bit distracting, he still did a fine job as Murray's dad just like Paul Sorvino did. Barry and Erica both had great speeches and I really enjoyed seeing Dan Fogler again. Sure the guy has done some dum things( the horribly short lived sitcom Man up), but I think he will soon be in everyone's good side once 'Fantastic Beasts and where to find them' rolls out next year.

Quote of the week: " F is for Family, A is for Awesome as family is, M is for Mmm... turkey, I is for my eyes I get to see you all, L is for LL Cool J who also probably celebrates Thanksgiving, Y, because he is American like us. Family!!!

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