Fresh Off the Boat S2E7 Review

This week on Fresh Off the Boat, Eddie turns 12. Also, Emory and Evan start to misbehave, which is sure to be hilarious. Read on for my thoughts on the episode!

S2E7 "The Big 1-2"

The episode starts with Louis videoing Eddie's birthday party from the year before (1994), which did not go well. It was very funny. In 1995, Eddie tells Jessica and Louis he doesn't want a birthday party, so they decide they will work on Saturday, which they are both very excited about. Emory and Evan are upset that they are not celebrating Eddie's birthday. Jessica talks to Honey, and she says that Eddie probably does actually want a birthday party. Jessica and Louis get balloons, and go to the mall, where Eddie is, and see that he is celebrating with his friends. Emory and Evan decide to misbehave to get attention, which is very funny.

That night at dinner, Emory and Evan talk about the PG-13 movie they went to, but Jessica and Louis are too focused on Eddie. Eddie says that he didn't want to celebrate his birthday with his family because he can't be himself around them. Jessica decides to loosen up, and she lets Eddie go to Dave's for a sleepover.

Eddie goes to Dave's, and Jessica is very worried. Dave's house is very different from Eddie's, there are no rules, unlike at Eddie's. Emory and Evan decide to step up their game, but still get no attention. This was very funny. Jessica goes over to Honey's to watch Eddie at Dave's, which was a very funny scene. Eddie likes it at Dave's at first, but eventually decides that he likes it at his house better. He goes home that night, and Jessica makes her birthday noodles, which was funny. Emory and Evan get grounded for being up late, and the entire family enjoys birthday noodles.

Overall, this was a really good episode. Emory and Evan were especially funny.

What did you think of "The Big 1-2"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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