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This year will be The Middle's seventh Thanksgiving episode. Many of them have been very funny, and I doubt that this year's will be different.

S7E8 "Thanksgiving VII"

At the start of the episode, Frankie discovers that the office will be closed for two months, so she needs to get another job. She gets a job at Heritage Village, but she has to work on Thanksgiving. The family is all fine with not doing Thanksgiving, and Frankie hilariously reschedules it for June 12th. Sue is working at Spudsy's again over break, but part of the reason is that she is hoping that Logan will be working over break as well. Axl goes to a bar for Thanksgiving with Sean, and he starts to get emotional about how he doesn't know what he is doing in life. Brick and Mike are at home, and Mike is watching football, but the power goes out. Mike suggests that he and Brick play poker.

Sue is working on Thanksgiving, and it is very busy. Frankie is getting pestered by another woman working at Heritage Village, and it is very funny. Mike teaches Brick how to play poker, but he whispers "I'm bluffing" when he bluffs. It was a hilarious scene. Sue finally gets to take a break and tries to head over to Abercrombie, but she gets stuck in a sea of Black Friday Eve shoppers, which was very funny.

Frankie is cutting corners in making the potato balls, and the other woman becomes very frustrated with her. They fight with the potatoes, and it is hilarious. Sue talks to Brad, and she is a mess, which is very funny. Brad talks some sense into her, and at home, Brick bluffs and says that Sue looks good, which was funny. Axl, after crying in front of all of his friends, goes home and plays poker with Mike, Brick, and Sue.

Frankie gets reported to the town elders, and got demoted to cinder girl. However, listening to the Thanksgiving speech that is given, she becomes sad that she isn't with her family on Thanksgiving. Frankie rushes home to be with them, but discovers that she left her phone, so she has to go back and get it. Eventually, Frankie gets home, and the family plays poker together. It was really a great ending.

Overall, this was a great episode. It was very funny, and had a great ending.

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