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Liv and Major are now in relationship again, and while Liv's season one boyfriend, Lowell, could handle her changing personality, can the non-zombie Major?

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S2E7 "Abra Cadaver"

Liv and Major start out the episode talking about their relationship. Liv compares her zombie self to Britney Spears, which was very funny. Liv, Ravi, and Clive visit a hotel room where a magician has been murdered by a playing card with a metal edge. Ravi has an obsession with this "Presto Fest" that is going on, and discovers that the murderer was likely another magician at the convention.

Liv eats the brain of the magician, which should be very entertaining. Ravi says that this is the best brain ever, and jokes about killing magicians. Ravi and Peyton talk about Ravi's relationship. It is a pretty funny scene, and it gets even better when Major enters and they all discuss Liv. Blaine shows up at the morgue, and tells Liv that, of the five recent disappearances the FBI is investigating, he knows that three were zombies.

The scene between Blaine and Liv gets even more entertaining due to some great Blaine lines, one of which where he references Star Wars. Liv and Clive interview the dead magician's assistant, and discover that many in the magic community where angry at him. That night, they see a magician's show that they believe to be a suspect. Liv gets called on stage, and she has a vision where the magician lady was in a wedding dress and giving back her ring. Liv steals the magician's deck and discovers that she is missing the card used for the murder, but her last trick of the night is disappearing.

Liv and Clive visit the magician lady in her room, but she has an alibi, she was performing. Also, she doesn't believe that the magician actually died. Liv and Blaine go on a stakeout, but it doesn't go well. Ravi breaks up with his girlfriend after their British night. Blaine and Liv break into the FBI lady's house, and they discover that she doesn't know any more than they do, until the mail arrives, and it says that Suzuki had a human brain in his fridge, which Liv decides she will doctor so it says that it was a cow brain. Liv and Clive interview another magician, who also has an alibi, but one that cannot be proven.

Liv gets dark looking at flowers, and I laughed really loudly when Major asked if that meant that she wanted a quesadilla. Liv tells Major that zombies are being killed, and he promises that she is safe. Ravi discovers that a magic duo was threatened by Syd, so Liv and Clive interview them, but they say that they were at the female magician earlier interviewed's show, and that at the end she disappeared and didn't come back for a bow. She reveals that she was the waitress at the end of the show, so Liv and Clive conclude that the maid must be the killer.

Liv discovers that the supposedly mute man from the magic duo is actually the maid. The way that she presents this information is hilarious. Liv drops off the new test results at the FBI lady's house, but she is being watched as she does it. Major comes home to Liv summoning spirits or something, and seems to realize that he may not be able to handle Liv's changing personalities. I think that this was a great way to end the episode because it brought it back to the beginning of the episode.

This was a great episode. It was a very funny one, but the ending was serious and very good.

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