Undateable S3E7 Review (Both Versions)

Undateable chose not to air at the last minute last week due to the Paris attacks. This week, the episode that they were supposed to do last week was performed and aired. Was it a good episode? Read on for my thoughts.

(Note: Because I didn't get to watch the episode live last night, I will be reviewing both versions right now, but, to keep it consistent with my previous reviews, I will review the west coast version first, then add notes for the east coast version in parentheses.)

S3E7 "An Origin Story Walks into a Bar"

The episode started with a nod to the Paris attacks when Shelley said that recently he has been giving a lot of hugs, and then joked about how he is not afraid of ISIS, as he is from Detroit. Danny tells the group about the woman he lost his virginity to, Jackie, because Danny is meeting her again, and Leslie says that she put Danny under her spell, and it is a bad idea for Danny to meet her again. Also, Shelley talks about when he lost his virginity, which was scary because it was at a Klan meeting. (In the east coast version, he said it was at a haunted house.) That was very funny. Jackie shows up, and makes Danny get her wine. The rest of the group later tells Danny that he has become "her bitch". Burski also makes a joke about how Danny gets a lot of lines, while he doesn't, which is pretty true actually, Burski gets hardly any lines. That scene wasn't funny.

Leslie is telling the others that Jackie is a serious problem, but Justin says that no one can change Danny. Danny, however, then enters, dressed like he used to dress in high school. Danny makes a very funny joke about Jackie being like Dumbledore, and Shelley says that he didn't read that Harry Potter book, which was very funny. Justin tells Danny that he should stop sleeping with Jackie, but Danny doesn't know how to do that, so he asks Burski, but he just says that he doesn't need to try. Jackie shows up and takes Danny, but Justin stands up to her, and so she squishes his face. Candace also tries standing up to her, but things go the same way. Jackie says that the scene ends now, but Shelley objects, saying usually he has the last line, which ends up being "your hand smells pretty nice", after she squishes his face.

Jackie is going to cut Danny's hair, and when she goes into his room to Google how to cut hair, the others show up and try to convince Danny to leave. He refuses, so they pick up the couch he is sitting on. Also, a couple of times Jackie comes in with a question for Danny, and then said never mind, which was pretty funny. The group drops the couch off in the bar, with Danny still sitting on it. Jackie comes in and names everyone's biggest insecurities, which was pretty funny. Danny stands up for his friends and says that they are making him a better person. Jackie then leaves, and the group does a slow-motion hero walk, which was very funny.

Overall, this was a really good episode. Parts were weaker, but most was really funny.

What did you think of "An Origin Story Walks into a Bar"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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