Life in Pieces S1E9 Review

Happy Thanksgiving! For some reason, CBS decided that they needed to air new episodes of all of its Thursday shows, except The Big Bang Theory, on Thanksgiving. So, here is a review of this week's Life in Pieces.

S1E9 "Hospital Namaste Time-Out Boudoir"

In the first story, Jen cuts her hand, so Greg takes her to the hospital. They leave Matt and Colleen to watch the baby. Jen gets annoyed with how long they are spending waiting at the hospital, so Greg suggests that they take a walk. They end up having fun with the night to themselves, and when Jen's name is finally called, she is upset, as they were having fun. But, a person is wheeled in and it seems to be a real emergency, so they get to wait some more. The story was not very funny, sweet, but not funny.

In the second story, Heather and Tim get each other anniversary gifts. Heather prepares six weeks in advance, and gets pictures taken in her underwear. Tim, on the other hand, searches for something with same-day shipping on Amazon. Heather pretends to like his gift of bible chess, but Tim laughs at the pictures she gives him. To fix the situation, he tries to make a calendar for her, but is having trouble getting good pictures. Matt comes over to pick up something, and Tim recruits him to help. Matt takes pictures for Tim, which is pretty funny. Tim eventually gives the calendar to Heather, and she loves it.

In the third story, Sophia gets put in time-out after saying "ass". Her inner-thoughts are narrated, and they are pretty funny. The funniest part was when she was hoping that Narnia would be in her closet. Heather eventually comes back up to Sophia's room, and is allowed to come back downstairs.

In the forth story, John takes Sophia and Samantha to a restaurant. The restaurant was very strange, John was asked what he valued in a table, and the dishes are named after feelings. The funniest was "black beans matter". It was very funny. John got emotional when the girls said that they were grateful for John, so he decides to go and be with all of his kids, which included cheering on Heather in her yoga class, which was very funny. The kids all go to Joan, so she gives them a gift to give to John, which turns out to be a mug that says "world's greatest dad". When Heather asks how Joan knew that would work, she says that while life is complicated, John isn't.

The first story was very bad, and the second was alright, but the third story was very good and the forth was great. Overall, it was a pretty good episode.

What did you think of "Hospital Namaste Time-Out Boudoir"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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