ABC Renew/Cancel Watch: The Goldbergs is Still Certain to be Renewed

You talked, I listened. We've talked a lot about The Muppets, Fresh Off The Boat, Nashville, Last Man Standing, Quantico, Dr.Ken...but some ABC shows have gone largely ignored in the analysis below the table. Today, I'm going to start including more shows, especially considering there wasn't enough data this week to warrant moving any shows anywhere. And also enjoy my Black Friday themed labels.
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Wicked City Blood & Oil Castle Fresh Off The Boat Last Man Standing Grey’s Anatomy

The Muppets Nashville Quantico Scandal

The Middle

The Goldbergs

Modern Family


Once Upon a Time

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

How to Get Away with Murder

Dr Ken

Why is The Goldbergs "Certain to be Renewed"?

In the past couple years, The Goldbergs went from a mediocre-rated show with less-than-stellar reviews to one of ABC's most reliable, critically-acclaimed shows. It also ranks #4 in the A18-49 demo for all of ABC, and #2 for comedy. In addition, it is in its third season and is only one away
from entering syndication. If I were ABC Family--er, Freeform--I would consider picking it up and airing it alongside The Middle and Last Man Standing. If it gets lucky, it could also go bigger.

Why is The Middle "Certain to be Renewed"?

The Middle is just as reliable as The Goldbergs, just has been doing so for many more years. It has proven to stand the test of time and is ABC's #3 comedy in the A18-49 demo. In addition to the fact that The Middle can always be counted on to lead a night and provide consistency, the cast is already locked in for another season, so it's not like contractual negotiations will break the show. So, The Hecks will be seeing you next year.

Why is Blackish "Certain to be Renewed"?

Even though Blackish is ABC's #4 comedy despite having the best lead-in they could provide, Blackish is still hanging in there at high 1s, and more importantly is the sole ABC Wednesday comedy that is in-house produced. The production company hasn't gotten a comedy to syndication to ages, and they'll finally be able to get one with Blackish. It also did surprisingly well when Modern Family was a rerun (then again Empire was also out of the equation). I think it should move to Tuesday and enjoy a run of mid to high 1s.

Why is Castle "Likely to be Canceled"?

Castle right now has one of the worst averages on ABC, and in addition is in its eight season. It's had a great run, but has lost a lot of viewers over the last couple seasons that due to its serialized nature won't be able to get back. Additionally, contracts I believe are on a year-to-year basis, and it may be getting too expensive. Time to let Dancing with the Stars launch a new show for the first time in eight seasons. After all, only Scandal provides a better lead-in for ABC to a 10pm show.

There you go! Hope you enjoyed my predictions and analysis, and feel free to leave your own in the comments below.

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