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It is very often that teenagers are embarrassed of their parents, but tonight on The Middle, it is Frankie that is embarrassed of her mom. It is sure to be funny.

S7E7 "Homecoming II: The Tailgate"

The Hecks are all preparing for Homecoming, and Frankie is making a signature drink, as Sue is preparing the table for the Class of 2015. Axl comes home and gets sick, which Mike is upset about because they are supposed to win some contest. Axl gets in Frankie and Mike's bed, so they have to change the sheets on it, which becomes very funny. Frankie also calls her mom for a dip recipe, and Frankie's parents end up deciding to come to homecoming. Frankie doesn't want them to come, but she can't decide whether she should tell them that or not, which is hilarious.

Mike is trying to practice for the contest at homecoming, but Axl is too sick. However, it turns out that Brick is actually good at it. Sue discovers that no one is going to be the mascot for homecoming, so she is going to. Frankie's mom arrives, and Frankie makes a comment about Axl being sick trying to worry her mom, though she just ends up worrying Sue instead. Frankie tries to convince her mom subtly not to go to homecoming by mentioning the new Costco that opened up nearby. She eventually convinces her not to come, which was very funny, but Sue ruins Frankie's plan by mentioning how it was her last last time being the mascot, and she didn't want her grandma to miss that.

Sue is very funny at the booth for the class of 2015. Frankie's mom continues to embarrass Frankie, and after she asks people to give her two dollars to cover the ingredients of a cake she made, Frankie talks to her and she becomes upset when Frankie says that she is embarrassing her. Axl shows up and tries to take his place back as Mike's partner for the contest. After an argument between Brick and Axl, Mike has to choose between them, so he makes the good parent choice, and lets them both do it instead of himself. Brick, however, choked in front of a crowd, and Axl is not as healthy as he thought he was. Frankie embarrasses Sue with her friends, and during the game Sue gets sick while dressed up as the mascot, and Frankie and her mom come to the rescue. It was a great ending to the episode.

This was a great episode of The Middle! Patricia Heaton really shined in this episode, she did an amazing job, and everyone else was great as well.

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