How to Get Away with Murder S2E8 Review

Only one week until the fall finale of How to Get Away with Murder! Every fan is wondering who shot Annalise, and this episode may give us some vital clues. Read on to find out my thoughts on the penultimate episode of the first half of the season!

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S2E8 "Hi, I'm Philip"

In the flash-forward that started the episode, Wes, Laurel, Connor, Michaela, and Bonnie all meet up in the Hapstall mansion, and Bonnie tells Wes to give her the gun. Then we go back to three days earlier. Nate shows up outside Annalise's house. Oliver is afraid that the person who is in her apartment is going to kill him, but he says that he isn't going to. Frank is mad at Laurel, and they get into a fight. The scene between Annalise and Nate sadly didn't engage me, but the rest of the opening was great. Connor got back to the apartment, and discovers that Oliver is gone. Annalise, everyone who works for her except Bonnie and Asher, and Nate all meet and Connor is freaking out. Then, Oliver shows up, and he introduces the group to Philip.

Oliver tells the others that he went across the street to talk to Philip. Philip tells Annalise that he could go to the police, or sue her, so she asks what he wants and he says that he doesn't know yet. The next day, Annalise assigns jobs to each of the group members. She makes Laurel "the new Bonnie" because Bonnie is "out sick". Annalise brings a picture of Philip to Caleb and Catherine. Laurel gets a call for Annalise from Sinclair, who wants to offer Annalise a plea deal.

Sinclair is offering a fifteen-year sentence, which Caleb wants to take, but Catherine doesn't. Later, Laurel gets a call from Catherine who says that she wants to talk to Wes. Catherine doesn't trust Annalise, and that's why she wants to talk to Wes. Michaela, meanwhile, talks to Caleb. Wes tells Catherine to take the deal, which is the opposite of what everyone else wants. Annalise talks to Wes alone, and takes him off the case. Asher discovers that Sinclair bugged Annalise's house, and, for the last day, has been listening to everything they have said.

Annalise says specific things, and then Laurel gets a call from Catherine, Caleb took the plea deal, and he took thirty years, so that Catherine won't be sentenced at all. Asher finds the bug, so Annalise and Laurel talk by the bug, coming up with a false location where the murder weapon is. Sinclair gets a warrant, and they search for the weapon, but it is not there. The episode started not so interesting, but it is getting really good.

Nate is keeping an eye on Philip, but he won't tell Annalise what he is up to. He changes the name on a previous charge to Philip's. Annalise is impressed with how good of a job Laurel is doing, but she is very angry with Frank. Laurel gets a call, and Annalise goes to meet with the Hapstalls and Sinclair. Catherine negotiated a ten-year deal while Caleb serves none. The group only has an hour until they go into court, so the Keating 5 works to look for a solution. Right before Catherine is about to take the deal in court, Frank walks in and gets Annalise the necessary DNA test results. Catherine changes her mind, she doesn't want to accept the deal.

Sinclair is nervously on her phone with someone when Annalise shows up. She tells Sinclair that Philip's DNA is a good match with the DNA found at the crime scene. Also, he is the product of incest, which gives him motive. At the end of the episode, Frank cooks for Laurel and decides that his apartment is an Annalise-free zone. Connor and Oliver make out in Annalise's classroom. Wes gets a delivery, a painting from Catherine. Michaela talks to Caleb and he reveals his feelings for her. Nate shows up at Annalise's house again. Then, everyone has sex. Well, everyone except Wes. That montage lasted for way too long. Wes, meanwhile, can't stop looking at the painting from Catherine. He suddenly shows up at Annalise's house, and shows her that, in the picture of Philip, a painting of Catherine's is in the background. Also, Caleb shows Michaela the murder weapon, which he has found. Catherine is guilty! That is a huge twist! And I loved it.

Overall, this was a good episode. While I found the second and third acts to be less enjoyable, things got good after that, and the twist at the end was fantastic!

What did you think of "Hi, I'm Philip"? Who do you think shot Annalise? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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