Modern Family S7E6 Review

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So far, I have found season seven of Modern Family to be mediocre. It has had a good episode, but also multiple bad ones. Maybe this will be a better week, after this two-week break.

S7E6 "The More You Ignore Me"

The episode starts with Phil being upset that the ducks imprinted on Claire and not him, but he becomes upset about something else when Luke is arrested. Luke was driving without a license. Gloria is trying to teach Joe how to tie his shoes and it is very funny. Jay is going to be given an award, and is having trouble making a good video. Haley and Dylan go to a movie, and it turns out that Andy and Beth are there. That ends up being really awkward, and afterward Andy invites them to lunch, and Dylan agrees for them.

Phil is very mad at Luke, but Claire likes that Luke is being rebellious. They see Alex when she said she would be at school, and she goes into a liquor store. Phil is angry, but Claire doesn't care until Alex gets into a van. Mitch and Cam have lunch with Jay and Gloria, and Cam brings a sauce, but when Gloria brings out her sauce that her grandmother made, Cam accidentally, or maybe intentionally, destroys it. Manny visits as Luke is taking care of the ducks, and one of them runs into the neighbor's yard. They try to retrieve the duck, and the neighbor girl thinks that it is very cute that Manny is taking care of the duck. Cam tries to help Gloria remember the recipe, and hilariously different sounds help her remember ingredients.

Haley, Dylan, Andy, and Beth are at lunch, and Haley talks to Andy. She claims to be fine, she is only concerned about him. On the way home, Beth and Andy discuss inviting Haley and Dylan to their wedding, but Haley breaks up with Dylan because she believes they are moving backward. Dylan is very funny in this scene. Phil and Claire find the van back at their house. It turns out that Alex was getting ice at the liquor store and she is dating Ruben. Mitch is unsure if he should take the job offer he has received or start his own firm. Jay tells him he should take the offer because you need to be a fighter to start your own firm. Cam tries to convince Gloria to sell her sauce at the farmer's market, but she is unsure about it. Jay tells her that she shouldn't because of a previous incident. Both Mitch and Gloria decide to pursue the risky things they want, which, it turns out, was Jay's plan all along. The end of the episode felt very reminiscent of the early seasons of Modern Family, which I was very happy about.

This was actually a great episode. Much of it felt reminiscent of early Modern Family, and while Haley's storyline didn't, but it highlighted her character's growth.

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