Scream Queens S1E9 Review

There are only a few weeks left of Scream Queens. The cast is slowly getting smaller. What clues will we get this week as to who the killer is? Read on for my thoughts on the episode, plus my suspect list.

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S1E9 "Ghost Stories"

At the start of the episode, Boone, in disguise, tells the person he's on the phone with that they will kill Gigi the next night. But, when Boone's beard falls off, Chanel #3 sees him, but she thinks that he is a ghost, which is hilarious. The Kappas are all preparing to leave campus, and Chanel is planning on having Thanksgiving with Chad. Grace doesn't want to have Thanksgiving with her dad, so Zayday invites her to her Thanksgiving. When #3 reveals to the others that she saw the ghost of Boone, Denise tells them two ghost stories, both having to do with bathrooms. It was hilarious. Boone asks Chad if he can borrow his shirt to date Zayday, and Chad has no trouble accepting the crazy logic.

Denise goes to the bathroom, and discovers red toilet paper and blue toilet paper, like in one of her ghost stories. The Red Devil shows up, but Denise is able to escape. She tells the Chanels that she needs a ghost story, so Hester tells them a ghost story about a Kappa and a meat-hook killer. #5 decides to leave the room, and the others wait to see if she makes it out safe before leaving.

Zayday talks to Earl, and they kiss. They are going to have sex, and when Earl leaves the room, Boone comes in through the window. Zayday says that she doesn't believe in ghosts, and that Boone must have faked his own death. Grace also shows up and agrees, saying that Boone is the Red Devil killer. He then falls out the window. Boone then kills Earl, and reveals himself to him. #5 lives a repeat of Hester's ghost story, and when she stops, the Red Devil kills the truck driver.

Hester asks Chad why he didn't invite her to Thanksgiving. Also, she is wearing her neck brace again. Grace comforts Zayday following Earl's death, and #5 is upset that no one is comforting her. Chanel says a hilarious line about how #5 should have had a fresh, exciting story. Hester announces that she is pregnant, and going to Chad's Thanksgiving. Chanel confronts Chad, and she implies that she is the killer as she threatens to kill Chad.

Chanel tells #3 and #5 that they need to kill Hester. Grace and Zayday meet with the detective, and it is hilarious, as his theory has been that a ghost is the killer. Cathy confirms to Grace and Zayday that there were two babies, a boy and a girl. She believes that the boy is Boone, but doesn't know who the girl is. The girl is probably the other killer, which narrows the suspect list down to Chanel, #3, #5, and Hester. However, #5 is probably not the killer, because it was likely the other killer in her car. Is it Chanel, #3, or Hester?

Boone and the other killer, in the Red Devil costume, wait for Gigi. When she shows up, Gigi says that Boone is the weakest link, and Boone tells Gigi that she does not understand him because she isn't his mother. The Red Devil kills Boone instead of Gigi, as I expected when she started following him. When talking to the Red Devil after Boone's death, Gigi refers to Boone as "your brother", confirming that the other killer is the girl. The other Chanels give Hester shrimp, cheese, and alcohol, confirming that she isn't pregnant, and then Chanel pushes Hester down the stairs, killing her. I really did not expect her to go this soon. That is three major deaths this episode.

Overall, this was a great episode. There were a lot of funny moments in the beginning, and three major deaths, which is exciting.

What did you think of "Ghost Stories"? Who do you think Boone's sister is? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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