Life in Pieces S1E8 Review

While Life in Pieces started out pretty funny, I have recently found it to be not very good. Will this Thanksgiving-themed episode be better?

S1E8 "Godparent Maze Mexican Farts"

In the first story, Jen and Greg are looking for a godparent, which is difficult. Greg vetoes Jen's parents, and Jen vetoes Greg's parents, so they decide to consider Heather and Tim. They go to Heather and Tim's house, but they don't appear to be safe, so Jen pretends that she has a "thing", and they leave. It was really funny. They next decide to give John and Joan a chance, but that proves to not be a good idea. They decide to go outside the family, so they decide on Jen's gays (not Greg's gays because they are still "just roommates"). I found this to be really funny. Those gays, however, it turns out, are already godparents to six other kids. They end up realizing that Matt is good with kids, so they decide on him as the godparent.

In the second story, Heather sends Tim to the store for a turkey, but the roads are all blocked due to a Thanksgiving parade, so he and Sophia go to a Mexican market instead. He finds a lot of fun things at the store, but can't find a turkey. He only gets a chicken. He helps out the manager of the store, so his son gives him a live turkey, which Sophia adopts as a pet. The story was very funny.

In the third story, John takes Samantha to festival, and he has a hilarious line about PSTD from when he was a kid getting left in the corn maze. Samantha sees the boy she likes, and goes into the corn maze with him. John sees this, and decides to follow her into the corn maze. She and the boy are kissing when John finds them. John and Samantha then talk, and discover that they don't know how to get out of the maze.

In the forth story, Colleen is at her first Short family Thanksgiving. The story actually connects to the previous stories. At dinner, much of the family starts to have gas, due to a dish that Colleen brought. It was not very funny, and way to short of a story. The story was sort of concluded the tag scene, where the neighbor having dinner with the family asks for a moment of silence, and they all start to laugh, which was actually pretty funny.

The first and second stories were great, the third was alright, and the forth was bad. Overall, it was a good episode.

What did you think of "Godparent Maze Mexican Fart"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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