iZombie S2E6 Review

As of my writing of this review, there has been no news of whether or not the CW will order a full second season of iZombie. Still, we can hope that the CW will give iZombie more episodes, because it really deserves it quality-wise. I hope that the news comes soon. But, for now, let's enjoy the iZombie we have been given.

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S2E6 "Max Wager"

At the start of the episode, Major comes downstairs and is followed by Liv. Peyton, who is eating breakfast with Ravi, is very happy about this. Clive is almost shot outside of the courthouse when the man from last week is killed. It looks like this week will feature a related case. After an interview, Clive and Liv look at a map and suspect that the bike the shooter was on got dumped into the Puget Sound. Major and Liv run into Clive and the FBI woman in a very funny scene, and then Blaine's father returned in the next scene, which I have been waiting for since he was introduced a few weeks ago. Blaine's father gets one of his employees shot, and says that Blaine works for him now. Also, I loved Blaine's line about how he hoped that Blaine's father's visit would be more horizontal.

Blaine's father has discovered that Blaine is no longer a zombie, and he says that Blaine will do what he says or he will become a zombie again. I hope that he becomes a regular because the scenes between Blaine and him are fantastic. Liv continues to gamble, and when Clive says "pay up" she has a vision. They visit a barber, and Liv is focused on a horse race on television. I am feeling like we have seen Liv as this type of character before, at least once.

Liv and Ravi talk, and there is a hilarious line about how when you buy all the different types of condoms at the drug store, the woman working there looks at you funny. Liv and Clive go to Shady Plots, and Liv talks to Blaine, who is very drunk. They then interview the widow, and then a basketball player who was a friend of the deceased in college. Clive really wants to talk to him about basketball, and Liv has a vision where the deceased blackmails the basketball player. Liv's bet on the horse race is a winner, and she bets the winnings on another race. A guy in the barber shop talks about how to, hypothetically, get someone to commit suicide.

Clive and Liv discover that "take care of Mr. Sheldon" was not a threat, it referred to a turtle. They discover that there is cocaine inside the turtle's toy castle. Liv and Major talk on Skype to be safe, so that they don't have sex. The scene seemed very real, and it ends with them both saying "just a couple more days." Liv has won a lot of money now from gambling, and she bets it all on a basketball game. When she mentions that the basketball player told her that was a good bet, they make a comment about him. Clive and Liv discover that he intentionally lost games so that the deceased would win money. Blaine visits his grandfather, who is bedridden and cannot speak, it seems. Blaine then suffocates his grandfather, and it is tragic.

Liv and Major are about to have sex, but Ravi discovers that condoms would not stop Major from becoming a zombie. This was obviously going to happen. Blaine gets the brain of his grandfather, but then discovers that his father has been kidnapped. Now that is bad timing. The kidnapper, it turns out, is Major, as he has discovered that Blaine's father was a zombie. Major shoots a body in a bag, and throws it into the river. Then, he puts the body of Blaine's father in a freezer, that has other bodies in it, making me wonder what in the world is going on! I need explanations!

While Liv's personality this week seems like one that we have seen at least once before, the episode was otherwise very entertaining. It was a really good episode.

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