Mom S3E4 Review

Happy Thanksgiving! While I am a little bit annoyed that CBS is insisting to air Mom on Thanksgiving, I am also happy that I get an episode of Mom this week. How good is this episode? Read on for my thoughts!

S3E4 "Sawdust and Brisket"

At the start of the episode, Christy tells Bonnie that Violet texted. She is coming over and needs to talk. Violet tells Christy that she wants to rebuild their relationship, and she doesn't want the kind of relationship with her mom that Christy has with Bonnie. At the coffee shop, Christy tells Marjorie what happened, and that Violet accepted her Facebook friend request finally. The neighbor that Bonnie stole cat tranquilizers from last season enters the coffee shop, and Marjorie encourages Bonnie to make amends with her. Violet and Christy go shopping, and when they find two cute shirts, Christy suggests that they each buy one, and they share, which makes Violet say that they are like best friends, which Christy loves. Bonnie tries to make amends with the woman, but it doesn't go well at all. Christy tells Bonnie about her success with Violet and that they have been invited to dinner with Violet and Gregory.

Bonnie brings the woman fifty dollars, and apologizes for the things that she did. The woman gets mad at Bonnie, and gives her back her money. Christy, Bonnie, Violet, and Gregory have dinner. The three girls talk about Gregory, and they act like good friends. Violet leaves the room after Gregory comes back in, and Gregory admits that he had a selfish motive for encouraging Violet to rebuild her relationship with Christy. He knows that women who have good relationships with their mothers become better mothers. Bonnie jokes that in not too long, Gregory will be "shooting sawdust". Christy then accidentally mentions Violet's first baby, which Gregory didn't know about. Violet comes back in, and when she finds out what happened, she tells Christy that it was better when she wasn't in her life. Back at home, the neighbor shows up and apologizes to Bonnie. She explained that her dad was a drunk, and he always apologized, but never changed. Bonnie then invites her in for brisket and football.

Violet shows up outside Bonnie and Christy's apartment with a suitcase. But, she doesn't knock on the door. Instead, she calls Christy. They talk, and Christy encourages Violet to try to work things out with Gregory. It was a great conversation. Really perfect. Violet, after the call, takes Christy's advice, and heads back. Bonnie tells Christy that she has become a good mom, though  Christy doesn't say the same back.

Overall, this was a great episode. It was very funny, but also had some great serious moments, like the neighbor apologizing to Bonnie and the phone call between Christy and Violet.

What did you think of "Sawdust and Brisket"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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