How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Winter Finale Review

Who shot Annalise? The winter finale reveals the answer to the question fans have been wondering for almost two months now. What did I think of the episode? Read on to find out!

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S2E9 "What Did We Do?"

Michaela brings Connor in to help her get rid of the gun. Catherine then shows up and asks what's going on. At Annalise's house, Laurel tells Annalise that Michaela is on the phone, Catherine has ran off. Annalise is furious that the gun got moved. Sinclair interrogates Nate at the police station, and he gets mad at her when she brings up Neah. It was a great scene. Annalise tells Caleb that she can no longer represent both her and Catherine, then calls Frank and tells him to find Catherine. Asher finds out that his dad killed himself.

Annalise calls Nate and tries to get him to find out what's going on with Phillip, but he says that he's about to get fired. Asher meets with his mother, and she blames his dad's suicide on him. It was a great dark scene. Things become tense between Michaela and Connor. Michaela says that they should talk to Asher and say sorry about what happened. They then all realize they don't have Asher's phone number. Everything is intense now, and Annalise tells everyone that Sinclair is coming over, and Annalise is going to tell her everything to protect Caleb. She says that Caleb needs to leave, and after he does, a car shows up, and Annalise goes outside, saying that it is Sinclair. Sinclair is there, but in the trunk of Bonnie's car!

The episode goes back in time to reveal what happened to Sinclair. Nate tells his captain that he wants to file a racial discrimination lawsuit against Sinclair. Sinclair meets with Nate, agreeing to drop her harassment claim if he drops his lawsuit. Later that night, Asher meets with Sinclair. Asher blames Sinclair for his dad's suicide. She makes Asher very angry, so he hits her with his car. It was a fantastic scene, Asher has been great in this episode so far.

Asher sits in his car until Bonnie arrives. Asher hopes that Sinclair is still alive, but Bonnie confirms that she is dead. Asher wants to call the police, but Bonnie says not to. She is his lawyer, and she will tell him what to do. Bonnie calls Annalise and tells her what has happened. Annalise calls Frank who says that he found Catherine. Annalise says to grab the pills that she was previously going to give to Neah. The show now gets caught up to Bonnie showing Annalise Sinclair's body. Asher shows up at the Hapstall mansion. Annalise and Bonnie bring Sinclair's body inside, and Annalise tells the four that they need to help her. Connor starts to leave, but then Annalise reveals everything to everyone about who killed who. Well, except for Bonnie's killing Rebecca.

Annalise comes up with a story that they will use, Catherine is the killer. Annalise tells Frank over the phone that she is trying to protect Nate. Wes overhears, and calls Nate, telling him to come. Bonnie, Asher, Connor, and Michaela are moving Sinclair's body, but Connor and Michaela are done with this. Wes and Laurel, who are holding the gun, tell Connor and Michaela to stop and Bonnie drops Sinclair's body from a ledge. Frank, meanwhile, kidnaps Catherine.

Annalise is stressing out, and Bonnie leaves with Asher, stopping at the gas station like we saw earlier. Asher, who disappears, was just at the car wash. Frank gives a passed out Catherine some of the pills. Phillip shows up by the Hapstall mansion and calls Catherine, though she doesn't pick up. Annalise tells the people left at the Hapstall mansion that there is more to her plan, and she calls 911 saying she has been shot by Catherine. Annalise then hands the gun to Connor, but he won't shoot her. Michaela won't either. Connor and Michaela both leave the room. Annalise tries to get Wes to shoot her. He won't, but Annalise reveals that Rebecca is dead. Laurel says that Annalise is making this up, but Wes shoots her, and in the stomach instead of the leg. He points the gun at her head, but she keep repeating "Christof". The show then flashes back ten years earlier. A young child, likely Wes, is talking to a detective about his mother, who likely killed herself. On the other side of the one-way glass, Annalise is watching with Eve who says "Good God Annalise, what have we done?" Like last season, the show leaves us on a confusing cliffhanger. I loved the ending of this episode, and I can't wait for February 11th.

This was a great way to end the fall half of the season. It was a great episode, with many intense moments. I can't wait for How to Get Away with Murder's return.

What did you think of "What Did We Do?" Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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