It's Only Smoo's Opinion: Why Wicked City Never Stabbed Above a 1.0

 In spite of reviling criticism, I gave Wicked City a chance. As several predicted, it rated poorly and will likely be forgotten, like Lucky 7 was 2 seasons ago. So why did this show sink like a dead body weighted with cinder blocks? 2015-16 has proven if the viewers truly love a show, its Freshman season will rate mediocre at the least. While Wicked $p!tty (for those of you who know my humor, I'm avoiding using the word I'm thinking of out of respect for keeping this website PG durin g its Freshman season) may have premiered opposite the world series. the remaining scripted series on this evening did not not fare such a mangled delivery as a 0.9.
So why was this show DOA upon premiere. The bottom line is networks are seeking the covered 18-49 female demo, and women likely are not interested in a show which treats women in a misogynistic manner. True, Law and Order: SVU depicts several vile acts against women, but it also features strong women combating these senseless acts. Wicked City displayed a woman gruesomely stabbed during a sexual act, then dismembered in a disturbing manner. It also displayed raunchy and kinky sexual behavior against women. Why would a woman in a key demographic enjoy watching women mutilated by a killer getting away with such vile acts? CBS' Stalker was a prime example of critical revile of poor treatment of women. And CBS gladly tied that show to cinder blocks and dumped it into a river.
ABC should have examined its shows which sport higher demographic ratings to notice a visible trend. Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder feature strong leading females who are not subjected to misogynistic behavior. Grey's has had its share of violence, yet it does not resort to gruesome acts of violence as its mainstream plotting device. Could you see these shows dropping in interest and ratings if their leading heroines endured violent acts, rape, etc....? Women prefer to use TV to escape and marvel at strong and powerful women displaying positive portrayals of their gender. If we want to see such hideous acts, viewers just have to turn on the local news.
Wicked City had great potential, but misfired with the premise and plots. Had the leading characters committed violent acts against both genders motivated by robbery or thrill, a la Bonnie and Clyde, viewers may have been intrigued. Wicked City sports attractive actors, decently-built characters, multi-layered plotting and a nostalgic backdrop. All these assets are awash in another bloodbath by the gruesome plots. Unless a higher power knows how to transform the show's blood loss into wine,
Wicked City is surely drowning in its own blood and will see a 0.6 rating in upcoming weeks. Excuses are thin, and ABC misfired. ABC would be wise to only invest in shows which bolster positive atmosph eres for women.

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