Fresh Off the Boat S2E6 Review

In tonight's episode, Louis is going on the local morning show "Good Morning Orlando", which is sure to be very funny. How will that turn out? Read on to find out what I thought of it!

S2E6 "Good Morning Orlando"

At the start of the episode, Eddie discovers that the girl she danced with at the dance considers herself to be his girlfriend. Things are not going well for Jessica, as her property has termites, which she is surprised to discover are real. Louis is asked to be on "Good Morning Orlando", which Jessica accepts for him from across the restaurant. Eddie and his friends go on their first date as they go up the escalator in the mall while the girls go down the escalator and say "hi". It was pretty funny. Louis goes on "Good Morning Orlando" and does his celebrity impressions, and the anchors' reactions are very funny, but when he returns home Jessica is not happy.

Jessica is upset that Louis made a fool out of himself, and because there are hardly any Chinese people on television, and she doesn't want him to represent all Chinese people in a negative way. Eddie and his friends try to figure out which of the girls they are each dating. They get invited to the roller rink, and they come up with a plan, they will all fall at the same time, and whoever helps them up must be their girlfriend. Louis goes back on "Good Morning Orlando" and after a hilarious line about Bill Cosby being the moral compass of America, Louis acts very serious on the show, and gets angry at the anchors, which was very entertaining.

Jessica is upset with how Louis did on the show again, and he makes her laugh with a Donald Duck impression. They then get an idea, and Louis shows up outside the drive-thru where the tortoise is, and he fixes his appearance. Eddie and his friends go the roller rink, and while one ends up with the right girl, another makes a wrong guess, and the girls are offended. At school, Eddie talks to Allison and they are still together, unlike the others. This storyline was pretty interesting because, often, the problem in sitcoms comes from a lack of communication, and this showed that clearly, and it showed how younger kids, like Emory, understand that communication is important. In the tag scene, Emory gives dating advice to Eddie's friends, which is very funny.

I thought that this was a great episode. It is one of the best of Fresh Off the Boat's, though that is a long list.

What did you think of "Good Morning Orlando"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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