Scream Queens S1E7 Review

We are approaching the halfway point of this season of Scream Queens. There are fifteen episodes, and this is the seventh one. Who are the killers? The list is narrowing down as murders occur. We won't know the full list until the end, but until then, we can guess.

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S1E7 "Beware of Young Girls"

At the start of the episode, a open-casket funeral for Chanel #2 is held, and Chanel says some very mean things about her, because she believes that she is too nice. The other Chanels go to Chanel and they want her to make up with #2 through a Ouija board. They spell out "Chad" and then "is cheating on you". Chanel vows to prove #2 wrong. It was a very interesting scene. Gigi is at home on her phone, and she tells someone that they are murderers not kidnappers, and to get rid of some "him" even though he is in love with "her". Later, Grace gives Gigi fashion advice, and they talk. Gigi describes Grace's dad as "the perfect guy", and then Gigi asks Grace about if she and Pete have looked into a former Kappa who left the house a couple of years ago. When they talk to her, she says that whatever is going on, Cathy is behind it. Feather fell in love with Cathy's husband, and when Cathy found out, she started dressing like her, and tried to murder her. When Feather goes home she discovers that Dr. Munsch has been murdered.

Chanel goes to talk to Chad, and finds him on his bed in his boxers with a goat. He has an explanation, however. Chad says he is lactose intolerant, and goat's milk is lactose-free, and if you rub a goat's belly for eight to ten minutes, she will produce milk. He also has the best line ever "you can't let dead people get to you". Cathy gets arrested, because she has motive for the killings. It was a very entertaining scene, but I think she is innocent, as Gigi is not part of it, and we have seen the two of them having multiple conversations, and they have been regular conversations. Grace and Pete think that they are all safe now. Pete wants to kiss Grace, but when they kiss, she gets a call. It's Cathy from the mental institution, and she wants to see them both!

Grace and Pete visit Cathy, and she is behaving very oddly. She is definitely not behind the murders, in my opinion, just crazy. She also thinks that Feather killed her ex-husband. The patient who paints the other patients, saying "I paint them all" gives Grace and Pete a painting of them. Grace and Pete look at the detective file, and they discover that a sandwich was made at the crime scene, the sandwich is bologna, and Cathy said she would go into shock if she ate bologna, was she telling the truth? Also, #2 tells the Chanels that Chanel is the killer (though she could have been saying your... and got cut off when the girls lifted their hands). The Chanels decide to kill Chanel. I think that Chanel is actually one of the killers, so maybe #2 is telling the truth, or there is an elaborate plan, and they are not really talking to #2.

The Chanels brainstorm on how to kill Chanel, and #5 seems to disagree with #3 and Hester (aka #6) on how to do it. Eventually, they all agree to murder Chanel--that night. Chanel wakes up to #2 wanting to make things right with her. She tells her about hell, and it is funny. Then, she tells Chanel that the others are going to try to kill her tonight by bashing her head in with a bowling ball.

Grace and Pete break in to the crime scene and find a toothbrush and it is discovered that Feather killed Dr. Munsch. Cathy is freed, and she tells Grace that they will talk next week. Which means we will have to wait another week to find out more. Chanel talks to the other Chanels about how they weren't even able to come up with a way to murder her, proving they need her. Chanel thinks that Feather didn't kill anyone, she thinks that Grace and Zayday are responsible for the murders. I disagree, I think Chanel and #3 are behind it.

Cathy is happy that Feather has been arrested, and reveals that she killed her ex-husband, but is not responsible for the other murders that have been going on. The ending of the episode was great. Grace and Zayday arrive at Kappa house as the Chanels watch from the balcony, and it is an amazing shot. The last act of this episode was very good, I loved it.

Overall, this was a great episode. I am very excited that Scream Queens is back and I can't wait for more next week!

What did you think of "Beware of Young Girls"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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