Why You Should Check Out Undateable Tonight

Hi, Hunter here, and tonight I will be watching and reviewing the live season premiere of Undateable. Now, Undateable isn't the best comedy on television, other shows like Fresh Off the Boat and Mom are superior, but Undateable is a lot of fun, and worth the watch, and here are some reasons why!

1. This season is live!

Live episodes isn't something that solely belongs to singing shows and Saturday Night Live, sitcoms can be live too, though are any other sitcoms currently airing live episodes? Nope, only Undateable! Airing episodes live allows for more improv, and more current topics can be discussed. Think about SNL, what would it be like if they filmed it weeks prior to its airing? Everything on Weekend Update would be old news, and many things wouldn't be as relevant.

2. The actors can handle live

Four of the seven main actors on the show are stand-up comedians, so obviously they are great for live television. Also, they all proved they could do live last season with the show's initial live episode. Chris D'Elia is very funny recorded, but he is ten times as funny live!

3. Fridays at 8:00, what else is on?

Undateable will be airing up against Last Man Standing, Dr. Ken, The Amazing Race, and Reign tonight. While I do like Last Man Standing, I would still prefer to watch Undateable on Friday nights, especially now that the episodes are live.

4. Single-camera is NOT superior to multi-camera

Great sitcoms can be single-camera, great sitcoms can be multi-camera. Yes, single-camera shows Fresh Off the Boat, The Middle, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Scrubs, Suburgatory, and more is and were great, but think about Friends, Seinfeld, Cheers, How I Met Your Mother, and other multi-camera sitcoms, they are great too! Don't be prejudice, give multi-cams a shot!

5. Ron Funches

Yes, I already mentioned the wonderful actors on this show, but Ron Funches deserves to be mentioned again. His character of Shelley is perhaps the funniest character currently on television, up there with Fresh Off the Boat's Jessica Huang, Mom's Bonnie, and The Middle's Sue Heck. He has some of the show's funniest lines, such as my personal favorite "Somebody call Kerry Washington, 'cause we got ourselves a scandal!"

Undateable's third season premieres tonight at 8:00 (7:00 central) on NBC!

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