TV Flops Worse than Minority Report

On premiere week, FOX show Minority Report premiered dead on arrival. This week, it hit a 0.9 A18-49 rating. The ratings alone would probably make it one of the worst television flops of all time, but here are some flops that are worse than Minority Report.

1. "Utopia" (2014)
Premiered DOA on a Tuesday, after a modest Superbowl premiere. The ratings got worse on a Friday. The show was pulled off the schedule on Tuesdays, and was eventually canceled after two months on the air. It was supposed to air for one whole year. This tops the cake as one of FOX's most expensive flops to ever air.

2. "Terra Nova" (2011)
Another FOX flop. The network spent $4 million on the show. But it was one of the highest-rated canceled shows. Cost became the mitigating factor on its eventual cancelation.

3. "Cavemen" (2007)
Based on the Geico cavemen commercials. It was pulled off the schedule after 6 low rated episodes.

4. "Turn On" (1969)
Based on "Laugh In", the show received negative reception, so negative that the Cleveland ABC affiliate pulled the show 11 minutes in. It was put on hiatus, never to be shown again.

5. "Three Rivers" (2009-2010)
The show premiered DOA. It was pulled from the schedule, after CBS decided not to order any more episodes.

There are many more shows I will periodically feature, but these are some of the flops that we may remember but would much rather forget.

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