Undateable S3E6 Review (UPDATED)

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Undateable is taking a big risk making every episode live this season. But, this week, they are doing another different thing, using puppets! How good will puppets be in Undateable? Read my review to find out what I thought! (Note: This review is for the west coast version, but I will update it with thoughts on the east coast version in parentheses on Saturday. The two different versions tend to, however, be very similar.)

S3E6 "A Puppet Walks into a Bar"

At the start of the episode, Justin tells the others that Leslie's boyfriend Mike plans on proposing to her, and Burski is very upset. Mike wants them all to help with the proposal, but Danny doesn't want to. (In the east coast version, Chris D'Elia tripped over a lot of his lines.) The plan apparently includes puppets that look like the group. Justin makes a joke about how if his and Danny's puppets were to star in a sitcom that got canceled, Danny's puppet's career would be over because that would be two failed sitcoms. I am not a big fan of these kind of jokes, but that one was pretty funny. Danny brings Leslie into the bar where she says that she knows that Mike isn't the one. He tries to hurry her out of the bar then so that he doesn't propose to her, but Justin tries to stop them from leaving. It was a very good plot set-up.

At Danny and Justin's apartment, Leslie is very mad at Danny for telling Mike that he shouldn't propose. The scene ended up falling apart when Chris D'Elia made both Bianca Kajlich and Brent Morin break. There were a couple of moments that were supposed to be funny, such as when Danny and Justin have a tongue fight and when Justin does a trust fall and Danny doesn't catch him. The scene ultimately was a failure in my opinion, the only really good joke was about puppet Shelley in a threesome. (In the east coast version, the scene didn't fall apart, but it was way to yell-y.)

Back at the bar, puppet Leslie is making out with puppet Burski, and puppet Brett makes a funny joke about puppet pregnancy. Justin and Danny think that they fixed things when they tell Leslie that they convinced Mike to propose again, which she is even more angry about. Mike enters, and Candace hilariously narrates everything that is going on. (In the east coast version, the show went to commercial before Mike enters, and as a result the part about Candace narrating the events were skipped, although they inserted it again when Leslie and Mike are talking. It seemed kind of messy.) Leslie talks to Mike, and tells him that he deserves someone that's all in. Burski cheers outside, and Danny talks to Leslie, and she is glad that he tried to make things good for her. The episode ends with a puppet group hug.

This was definitely the weakest episode of Undateable's third season so far. But, it did have some good moments. It was, overall, an alright episode.

What did you think of "A Puppet Walks into a Bar"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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