Life in Pieces S1E6 Review

Is Life in Pieces your favorite new show? No? Well, you're not alone. Sadly, not as many people are watching Life in Pieces as most who wished well for the show had hoped. It did get a full season, however, so after this episode there will be at least 16 episodes. But that is probably it. Life in Pieces is a good show in my opinion, though not the best new show of the fall. The actors are great, while the writing is up-and-down. I hope that some of the show's great actors, such as the sadly very unlucky Zoe Lister-Jones and her on-screen husband in Life in Pieces, Colin Hanks, get casted in pilots this winter because Life in Pieces likely won't have a long life, and these actors deserve to stay on our TV screens. Now, to my reviewing of this episode.

S1E6 "Ponzi Bounce Paris Sex"

In the first story, Matt and Colleen are spending a weekend together when John and Joan are away for the weekend. However, things go wrong when Chad shows up trying to steal Princess, Colleen's dog. He then uses the opportunity to try to sell Matt and Colleen a face cream. This is very funny. Colleen calls the police, because Chad is supposed to be in jail, but he isn't a priority. It was very funny when she said that the cops aren't coming until Monday. They get him to agree to go back to jail, but he shows up again due to overcrowding. The ending was very funny.

In the second story, it has been long enough since Jen gave birth, and now she and Greg can have sex. Things go wrong, however, when he uses hand sanitizer instead of the cream the doctor gave them on accident. The second time, things go wrong when the baby starts to cry, and then suddenly stops. The third time however things are alright. This story was really unfunny, even the greatness of the two actors didn't make it entertaining at all.

In the third story, Heather and Joan go to a hair stylist and she does Heather's hair way differently than she wanted, so she tells the stylist that she is moving to Paris. Joan is very upset about this because now she will have to lie, and she isn't good at lying. She plans to tell the stylist the truth about how she doesn't like the way she does her hair, but that does not happen when the stylist's boyfriend breaks up with her and she gets very emotional. The entire plot was very unoriginal, and it was not very funny.

In the forth story, Sam is having a birthday party, and Tim gets a bounce house because that is what she said she wanted, but when her friends show up she becomes upset about it. Tim is unsure of what is happening, so he talks to Heather. That night, the girls are watching a movie, and they say it is lame, so he suggests a scary movie. The movie ends up being too scary, however, and the party is ended early. This story was more entertaining than the second and third, as it had a couple of good moments, such as when the younger daughter was watching and taking notes, but it still was not very entertaining. The show sort of wrapped up this plot in the tag scene, which is something that you do not do.

This was a mediocre episode. The first story was great, and the forth story was alright, but the second was really terrible, and the third was very bad.

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