Mom Season 3 Premiere Review

Have you been going through some Allison Janney withdrawals? It's okay to admit it, the first step is to admit that you are a Momaholic. It has been a sad six months since season two ended, but don't worry Mom is back again, and in the premiere we are getting introduced to another mom, Bonnie's mom! Read on for my thoughts on the episode. Also, I will be reviewing Mom this entire season, so be sure to continue to come back for my reviews.

S3E1 "Terrorists and Gingerbread"

At the start of the episode, Bonnie returns from a run, and Christy got a call. The call is from a private investigator hired by Bonnie's mother. The storyline of the episode started right from the beginning. There was a couple of jokes about the drought, and it was very funny. Also a funny joke is when Bonnie tells Christy to tell the private investigator that Bonnie died preventing a terrorist attack at Disneyland. Bonnie is having trouble deciding if she wants to meet her mother or not, and decides to go on another run.

Marjorie, Jill, and Wendy talk with Bonnie and Christy about Bonnie's mother, and while the others think it would be a good idea for Bonnie to get to know her mother she disagrees. Christy wants to meet her grandmother, so she does. She goes into a coffee shop, and she talks with an older woman who smells like gingerbread, but it isn't her grandmother. She meets her grandmother, who smells like cigarettes. She tells Christy the story of why she gave up Bonnie, Bonnie's father died and she couldn't afford to raise her. Christy tries to convince Bonnie to talk to her mother, but instead she goes on another run.

Christy takes Bonnie to the coffee shop, and Bonnie tells the woman who smells like gingerbread she hopes that whatever she is dying of is slow and painful, mistaking her for her mother. She then meets her mother, and she explains more of the story, where she chose her happiness over Bonnie's. It was a very emotional scene. At home Marjorie wants to talk to Bonnie, though Bonnie accidentally insults her, not knowing that she is there. The next day, Bonnie goes to talk to her mother. Bonnie forgives her mother in order to be free of all of the anger in her heart. It was another great scene. She asks Bonnie if she will ever see her again, and Bonnie says "I don't know." It was a very well written scene and Allison Janney did a great job in it. Outside of the apartment, Bonnie can hear her mother crying inside, but she walks away. In the tag scene, the gingerbread-smelling woman has made cookies, as Christy and Bonnie have chosen her as their grandmother and mother. It was pretty funny.

While introducing Bonnie's mother could have been just a repeat of Alvin in late season one, it wasn't. The show handled this differently, and in a great way. This was a great episode.

What did you think of "Terrorists and Gingerbread"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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