Jane the Virgin S2E4 Review

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A lot happens each week on Jane the Virgin. The big event, however, that happened last week was when Jane and Rafael kissed. This season has showcased a lot of #TeamRafael vs. #TeamMichael (I am #TeamRafael because I hate Michael and Jane deserves better than him, as he is so full of himself.) What will happen this week? A lot, I am sure.

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S2E4 "Chapter Twenty-Six"

At the start of the episode, we see how Jane has been friends with Lina for a long time, and now Jane is supposed to be planning her twenty-fifth birthday party, but she forgot! Now, she has to, all-of-a-sudden, plan a Great Gatsby-themed party. Last week, Jane and Rafael kissed in an amazing victory for #TeamRafael. This week, however, Jane is unsure of how to proceed. Mateo is too big of a part of Jane's life, and she needs to focus on that right now. Rafael though wants to talk about custody.

Rafael and Jane are talking when Jane gets a call from Michael. He has figured out who Heidi is, a yodeler who may have slept with Rose when she went by Denise. Rogelio tells Xo that he may need to hire his ex-wife back, and explains what she is blackmailing him with. He once joined the scientology church, and she has a recording of his confessions. It was a hilarious scene because Alba was trying to understand this church. Meanwhile, Jane writes a babysitting list for Rafael, which he is not happy about, and Luisa ends up back in Miami. It was really hilarious when she asked the biker what country she is in.

Jane calls Rafael when she finds the list she gave him crumpled up by the garbage, but when she almost runs into him, she hides in the utility closet, and it is locked on the inside. She gets a call from Michael, and he tells her that he knows that she and Rafael kissed. Also, Rogelio is having trouble in dealing with his ex-wife as they are supposed to act like they are making love. A scene with Rogelio is always a great one.

Michael gets Jane out of the closet, and Rafael shows up. Jane and Rafael get in a fight, and Michael is loving it. I hate Michael. I really hate Michael. Luisa shows up and says she was kidnapped but Rafael doesn't believe her, but Michael is interested in what she has to say. Jane gets emotional when talking to Rafael, and it is a great scene. It looks like Rogelio is taking the high road when he is talking to his ex, but it turns out that he is just distracting her while Xo steals her RV with her bunnies. Jane reveals to Lina that she forgot her birthday, and Lina gets very annoyed.

Jane goes to Rafael when she needs someone to watch Mateo. Michael and his new partner interview Luisa and she begins to ask her seemingly unimportant questions. However, it seems that she is on to something. She gets a little bit upset with Michael about how he isn't really giving her a chance, but forgives him because of Nadine's double-crossing. She just impressed my in every way, she's really smart and an awesome human being. Jane and Michael talk, and he reveals that he let Nadine go, but did Rafael hear? Jane then goes and parties with Lina.

Jane and Lina share a great moment in the bathroom, before Lina goes off to dance and Jane decides to write her paper on her phone. And although it is very low quality, she finally feels like herself again. Rogelio and his ex make an exchange, and she reveals to Xo that a deep, dark secret exists on one of the disks, and now she is curious, as am I. Jane goes to the hotel to pick up Mateo from Rafael, but he went to her house. Jane runs into Michael, and they kiss. Michael's new partner, it turns out, is spying on him, and Jane talks to Xo and tells her how great her kiss was and how she now knows that he's the one. (Jane! He's not the one! #TeamRafael) And while Jane doesn't think he does, Rafael overhears it through the baby monitors!

This episode showcased a friendship that is not often focused on, and I felt like at times I didn't believe that they were actually that close of friends. But the usual twists and turns of Jane the Virgin made this episode still a good one.

What did you think of "Chapter Twenty-Six"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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