How to Get Away with Murder S2E7 Review

Last week's episode ended with an awesome montage. This week, some of the things introduced there will continue, such as what Bonnie finds out from Sinclair. The first half of the season is almost over, and things are getting intense. Time for my review.

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S2E7 "I Want You to Die"

In the flash-forward, Connor is leaving the Hapstall mansion and Michaela is trying to talk to him. Hiding around a corner are Wes, who has a gun, and Laurel. Back in the present, Wes finds the gun in his apartment. At the hospital, Nate is picking up Neah's things. He is then served, he is being accused of killing Neah. So, Nate and Annalise go to Eve. Bonnie confronts Asher about the gang raping. He claims he was not part of it, it was just at his party. Annalise has to defend a man accused of harassing his ex-wife's husband to the point of suicide. It should be an interesting case.

Annalise comes home to Laurel and Frank making out, and as a result of that she is angry with Laurel. Wes, Asher, and Laurel talk to their client, and he is a very interesting character. He is a terrible person. They discover that the victim is an alcoholic, and they use that in court because alcoholics are three times more likely to be depressed. Things go south, however, when the prosecution plays a recording of the victim's 911 call. Annalise talks to Eve, and Bonnie talks to Asher. Bonnie and Asher have both gotten really interesting this season.

Oliver is helping out at Annalise's, and Connor is not happy about that. Nate goes to court, and Sinclair questions a nurse, who ends up shouting about how assisted suicide should be legal. Eve does not ask the nurse any questions, and Wes tells Annalise that he thinks she threw the case. Now this could get real interesting.

Annalise meets with Eve, who claims that she did not throw the case. Oliver finds a video of Asher at Trotter Lake, and he, the rest of the Keating 5, and Frank laugh at the video. Asher returns and gets mad, and Bonnie tells them to turn off the video. Laurel discovers that the victim's wife was sleeping with someone else, and she tricks the doorman, who knows this, into the courtroom. Annalise claims that this man is the "he" that the victim is referring to in the 911 call, and he pleads the fifth.

Laurel expects a "thank you" from Annalise, and Annalise explains why she didn't thank her. It was a great scene. Eve wins Nate's case, and she talks to Wes. Asher talks to Bonnie, and she gets mad that he doesn't understand what Tiffany, the girl that was raped, would want. Asher unintentionally reveals that Annalise told him about Bonnie's past. Annalise gets a call from Bonnie, but ignores it. She is with Eve. She asks why Annalise is going to such lengths to protect Wes, and she says it is because it's "him". Who is "him"? This raises a lot of questions. Oliver and Connor get in a fight because Oliver wants to take a risk.

When Annalise gets home, Bonnie is there and very upset. She claims that Annalise did what she did to ruin her relationship with Asher. Bonnie says that she wants Annalise to die. This was a fantastic scene. Meanwhile, Frank, Michaela, and Laurel watch from across the street as Connor waits for the serial killer to show up, but Laurel informs Annalise of what is going on and she calls Frank to stop it. Also, Oliver gets a surprising visitor at home. In the ending flash-forward, Laurel and Wes decide to stop Connor and Michaela, but then they witness a body falling to the ground, and the body was thrown by Bonnie. Who shot Annalise? Wes? Bonnie? Someone else? I'm sticking with Wes. Though who knows. It could be Connor or Michaela even!

This was a great episode that really delivered in the last act, as many How to Get Away with Murder episodes do. Also, the case of the week was interesting.

What did you think of "I Want You to Die"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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