CW Renew/Cancel Watch: Which Show (or Shows) Has/Have Got to Go?

This week, I've decided to run a poll of all shows not currently renewed or canceled on the CW (so far!).

Format for Predictions: Show Title (Average Adults 18-49 Rating)

Certain to Be Canceled
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (0.3)
Significant Mother (0.2)
Likely to be Canceled
None yet
Toss Up
iZombie (0.6)
Jane the Virgin (0.4)

Likely to be Renewed
Reign (0.3)
The Vampire Diaries (0.6)

Certain to Be Renewed
Arrow (1.0)
Supernatural (0.7)
The Flash (1.4)
The Originals (0.4)

Fate Determined 
Beauty and the Beast (final season premieres TBA)

Yet to Premiere
Containment (midseason)
DC's Legends of Tomorrow (midseason)
The 100 (midseason)

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: As I mentioned last week, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is now certain to be canceled. It is not only the lowest rated on the entire network, but it is also the lowest rated on the CBS side. I honestly don't think that it will survive despite CBS affirmative action. These types of relationships just don't work anyway.

Supernatural: Supernatural dropped again in the ratings this week, after a rebound last week. I am thinking that I will be downgrading this pretty soon if it doesn't stabilize. Certain renewal may be a little too generous, but I will wait and see one more week.

iZombie: Still a toss-up, but I'm now thinking about upgrading the prediction in the near future. It has nearly 85% of the CW scripted average. Normally that screams out "likely renewal", but I'm still worried about the episode count.

Here is the poll:

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