American Horror Story: Roanoke Episode 4 Review

This season is starting to get really good. Let's see if they can continue the momentum of the last episode.

        The episode starts out with Shelby and Matt arguing about Matt having sex with someone in the woods. Matt genuinely does not remember, and Shelby realizes that it wasn't his fault. They are then are greeted by a lovely pig-man, and Elias shows up, screaming that famous word "Croatoan."

       Elias explains the history of the home and its residents. He talks about a family of immigrants murdered at the hands of the Roanoke ghosts, as well as the killer nurses (from episode 2), who are also killed by the ghosts (one in the most grisly way possible- having her arms ripped off of her body). But hey, those nurses had it coming. So, good job, ghosts??? Elias explains that the only time that the ghosts can kill is during the lunar cycle. Unfortunately for the Millers, they can't leave. They still need to find Flora.

      Elias says that Flora is dead if the Butcher got ahold of her. But that is, fortunately, not the case. Priscilla has her. Obviously, this is good-ish news to Elias. He knows where she likes to play, so he leads Matt and Shelby to her.

       In the woods, Shelby spots Shathach (Lady Gaga). Shelby chases after her, and she sees a whole bunch of ghosts in the woods. Flora happens to be among those spirits, and Elias attempts to get Flora returned safely. And that was the end of Elias. He is shot by multiple arrows, and Matt and Shelby retreat to their home.

      When the Millers return home, Cricket (!) is waiting for them. Cricket wants to do things his way (that probably would have been smart to try in the first place). Cricket reprimands them for breaking their promise to the Butcher (which puts the Millers and Cricket in danger). He heads into the woods,  but returns home looking like he just saw a ghost (probably because he did).

       Cricket saw Shathach, who holds the real power in these neck-of-the-woods. Unfortunately, he has to promise Matt in order to return safely. Not a smart choice. Cricket was shown the dark history of the colony, which involved The Butcher murdering all of the colonists, and then sacrificing herself.

      After telling the Millers this, Cricket needs to go to his hotel room, so he Ubers there (that must have cost a fortune). On his way, the driver nearly hit Flora. Cricket jumps out of the car and runs after Flora.

     It's been hours since they've seen Cricket. Matt is worried. He hears noises, and goes to the cellar. He sees Shatchach there, and they bond. He was about to join her, but Shelby begins to scream.

     Outside, the colonists have Flora, and the Butcher is ready to kill her. Priscilla helps the Millers, and their niece is safe- for now. They run into the house, but they witness something awful. The Butcher has Cricket, and he pays the ultimate price. The Butcher stabs him, and then disembowels him.

This was a solid episode. I'm hoping this season can continue at this rate, and be the best season since Coven.
Grade: A-
Score: 9.25

Loose Ends:
-Couldn't they have at least devoted a few minutes to Lee?
- Where the heck are you, Evan Peters???
- Is Elias really dead? I find that hard to believe. Unless he becomes a ghost like the others, Elias has to to be alive. We never really were assured that he died.
- Can you just show us more of the Butcher? She's great.
- Bring the opening titles back. Like right now.
- What's with the pigs? What did they ever do to you, Ryan Murphy?
- Thank God we saw more of those nurses. I really wanted to know what happened to them.
- Man, the Butcher really earned that name. You are brutal, girl.
- Why are these episodes so short? Either cut the number of episodes or cut the run time of each episode, but please don't do both.
-NOOOOO CRICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's now take a moment of silence to mourn the death of Cricket. If you excuse me, I'll be crying and listening to some Sarah McLachlan music.
Cricket 2016-2016

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