Fresh Off the Boat Season 3 Premiere Review

The season premiere of Fresh Off the Boat takes the show to Taiwan (the episode was actually filmed there!) and it seems like the perfect time for the show to do this. After two seasons of setting up the family's life in America, this is the perfect time to have them visit Taiwan.

S3E1 "Coming from America"

The episode starts with a clever way to have Louis recap the end of last season, and then there is a hilarious joke about there being a box to check for Jessica's business. Louis reunites with his brother, and it is a hilarious scene because of the distance between them,

Louis discovers his brother has it better, and there is a funny scene where his brother destroys a message he has written. Meanwhile, Jessica discovers that she is no longer used to Taiwan, which is funny. Louis's brother shows a video of how he and his wife met, and is hilarious.

The stories were somewhat weaker, but the humor was there. The moments between Randall Park and Ken Jeong were the highlights of the episode for sure.

Score: 8.5/10

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