Speechless S1E4 Review

J.J. gets some independence this week, while the family gets to do things they couldn't with him.


The episode begins with a typical morning for the family, and it is really funny. The family struggles with what to do without J.J, and it is pretty funny as they try to come up with what to do. Maya ends up winning, the family has to widen the bathroom door. Ray, the dad, and the daughter discover how Maya manipulates them, which leads to some hilarious examples. I really loved then when the daughter does some psychoanalysis on Maya.

J.J. and his aide decide to take advantage of people's pity, and it gets really funny when they get carried away. J.J's anger at his aide when he leaves the backpack at the stadium parking lot is hilarious. This story has a great ending when J.J. and his aide talk about over-doing it with the special treatment.

The family goes to play paintball, and it's pretty funny how Ray gets along with his sister. What I thought was hilarious, however, is when the dad decides to take a nap. The family then has a great moment when the daughter says it s the best day ever, getting into how complicated this really is. Maya goes ice skating, and it is pretty funny when she falls.

It was nice to see how the family operates separate from J.J, and there were a lot of funny moments this week.

Score: 9.5/10

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