The Middle Season 8 Premiere Review

This show, which has remained fresh over its entire first seven seasons moves from Wednesday to Tuesday for season eight. Here is a premiere of the season premiere!

S8E1 "The Core Group"

Sue is home from her summer at Dollywood, and it's funny that Mike can't wait for her to get home, and then when she does he watches TV. Sue wants to major in theatre, and is hilariously unsure about whether or not she should have a back-up plan.

Axl wants to introduce his girlfriend to Frankie and Mike, and it is really apparent how much he has grown. Axl's girlfriend is hilarious because she is not very bright. I really laughed when she asked Sue "will you be in anything I've heard of?" and then when she talked about month names.

Brick is starting high school, and it's funny how he has gotten more normal in some ways, but still has some quirks. His school experience is more normal and relatable than past Brick stories.

The episode leads to a dinner where the significant others of the kids show up, and it is a classic Middle type of scene, with rapid dialogue largely of complaints. The episode ends in a sweet way, with Frankie realizing that it may be no more "core group", and that's okay.

The episode really showed how much the family has grown, especially with Axl and Brick. It was a little slower at first, but it got very funny. The show is growing, but not forgetting where it came from and what made it work for so long.

Score: 9/10

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