TV Flops Worse Than Notorious

Hello folks! Welcome to the first installment of TV Flops Worse Than...for the 2016-17 season! In this installment, I will give five examples of the major misfires in television history. Since Notorious was given the Minority Report treatment, I thought I would give it its own title.

1. The Jay Leno Show (2009-2010)
NBC made it's big blunder by giving Jay Leno a primetime slot as a way to save money for production costs. The network paid the price. Ratings dropped as much as 48% on major affiliates. Then NBC tried to move Leno's primetime show to 11:35, and controversy ensued. The show was ultimately canceled when Conan O'Brien left the network for TBS. Leno then returned to the hosting position at The Tonight Show until current host Jimmy Fallon took over.

2. The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer (1998)
This flop aired on UPN before the CW made its inception. The pilot was negatively received, and after low ratings, UPN pulled it from the schedule after three episodes.

3. Kid Nation (2007)
CBS decided to air a prepubescent show on the network about kids creating a society in a New Mexico ghost town. Scandals ensue, and viewers didn't respond well. It was canceled after one season.

4. The Lone Gunmen (2001)
The truth may be out there, but this X-Files spinoff didn't catch on with FOX viewers. It was canceled after one season.

5. Are You Hot? (2003)
This ABC show, based on Howard Stern's segment, was a colossal ratings and critical failure of epic proportions. This show solely judged people based on physical appearance. It was canceled and pulled from after six episodes. Not to mention, Stern sued ABC and settled the lawsuit.

Some of these flops had worse fates than Notorious, yet they were arguably flops in every sense of the word due to expenses, ratings, and negative critical reception.

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