Jane the Virgin S3E2 Review

After the dramatic events of last week's season premiere, Jane the Virgin has more of a balance between comedy and drama this week.

S3E2 "Chapter Forty-Six"

Jane is worried about Michael going back to work, and I'm glad that the show is spending some time with her having to deal with the worry about something happening to Michael again. Jane tries walking in the Marbella hallway, and it is a great quick little moment for Gina Rodriguez. Also, Michael's moment where he realizes he almost died is great.

After last week didn't have much of him due to the Michael situation, Rogelio is concerned about his rival's popularity, and it is pretty funny when he talks to Michael about it. It is really funny when Rogelio goes all American accent. I loved his speech during his historically inaccurate telenovela as well.

Xo worries that Alba might know about her abortion, and it is hilarious when Xo works with Jane and Michael to figure out if Alba knows or not. The ending of Xo and Alba's story is great, as the women tear down the wallpaper.

Anezka is having trouble with her plan, and it is hilarious how she worries about it. I love her phone conversations with her mother. I wonder how long that this will go on, with Petra in the hospital and Anezka taking her place. Anezka is entertaining for now, but I'm not sure for how much longer.

Rafael is finally over Jane, and I really don't like him in the scene where he tells Jane this. It really doesn't feel like the Rafael we have come to know. Jane and Rafael look at preschools, and it is a very typical and unoriginal story when Mateo bites a kid and Jane is sure he didn't. I did like how they ended up liking the hippie preschool though.

I felt that Rafael's story was weak, but the rest of the episode's stories were great. And I can't believe that we are actually getting to what's going to happen next week. Even though I hate inaccurate titles, I feel that it's fitting at this point in time,

Score: 9/10

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