American Horror Story: Roanoke Episode 6 Review

The episode starts out by saying that 'My Roanoke Nightmare''s finale beat Sunday Night Football, Empire, and the Walking Dead in the ratings. Yeah freaking right. No way, guys. It probably couldn't even beat the Goldbergs in the ratings, if we're being honest. Apparently they got a 14 in the demo. Nope. No way. That's not even possible, guys. Not for a freaking documentary! Have you actually seen ratings for 20/20, Dateline, and In an Instant?  Nowhere near a 14. That's less believable than the  Butcher existing.
Anyway, on to the review.

         Sidney, the Producer of My Roanoke Nightmare, comes up with an idea for a sequel to MRN, following its huge success. His idea is that he will have all of the MRN re-enactors and the people that they portrayed live in the haunted house. We then learn that Matt and Shelby have separated, Agnes (the portrayer of the Butcher) has gone crazy, Audrey (Shelby's portrayer) and Rory (Edward's portrayer) have married, Monet (Lee's portrayer) is an alcoholic, and Shelby and Dominic (Matt's portrayer) had a brief affair. A network executive also says that many viewers believe that Lee killed Mason. Sidney has a restraining order placed against Agnes, believing her to have placed dead baby pigs around the filming site. While preparing to film, a crew member is killed on set.

        Audrey and Rory are the first to arrive at the house, and they get the best room. While they are there, Rory gets a call, asking him to come to LA for a screen test. Before he can leave, something (they believe it to be Agnes) appears outside. Everyone else arrives, and they receive cellphones so they can record. The re-enactors don't believe in the Butcher or any of the stories told by Sidney, Matt, and Lee. Matt comes in, and tells them that during the Blood Moon, things will be different.

        We are then told that during the filming, all but one person involved in the filming dies. The series that was planned never aired, and that what we are about to watch is all that remains. Dominic arrives at the house, and Matt attacks him. Audrey goes off to shower, but the Pig Man is there, and he frightens her. Rory goes to investigate, but her is murdered by the Nurses. Matt looks at the wall, and sees that MURDER is finally spelled out. The episode ends with him telling the others "R is for Rory."

This was an amazing episode. The first half of this season wasn't scary at all, but this episode turned things around. Not knowing when people would die, or if they would at all, added suspense and scared made a little. A great part of the episode is that we've FINALLY gotten to something "real." The worst part of this episode, and my only actual problem with it, was that they told us that only one person would survive. In other seasons, we didn't know how many of our beloved characters would live. It added a special "something" to the show. If they didn't reveal that only one character remains alive, this episode would have been a 10.
Grade: A
Score: 9.5/10

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