Bull S1E5 Review

After a weak episode last week, Bull is back in New York, for a case that is hopefully an improvement.

S1E5 "Just Tell the Truth"

This week, Bull is on a case that seems simple. Bull, however, doubts that the person accused actually committed the crime, so he switches sides. Marissa develops a way to determine how likely the jurors are to relate to the defendant. It is great to see her excited about it, and great to see it in action.

I really enjoyed when Bull went through the four tactics of how to force a confession. Bull plays the prosecutor to practice with the defendant, and I loved the scene. I love scenes like this, where Bull plays a role to elicit an emotional reaction out of someone.

It is really entertaining when Bull and some jurors get stuck in the elevator, especially Marissa posing as security. While I am generally opposed to Bull discovering the real killer in cases like this, I think it makes sense this week with how the episode began.

This was a strong episode. It had the focus on the jurors that I love, plus some strong moments from both Michael Weatherly and the supporting cast.

Score: 10/10

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