Jane the Virgin Season 3 Premiere Review

It's time for season 3 of Jane the Virgin, and you have no idea how excited I got hearing the narrator's voice again! After so many big things that happened at the end of last season, I can't believe we had to wait five months. Now let's go!

S3E1 "Chapter Forty-Five"

The episode begins with a young Jane flashback that was very entertaining. It also seemed to go on for longer than normal, which I enjoyed. More Jane backstory please! Jane waits at the hospital to hear about Michael, and the waiting is very intense. In a flashback to right after when Jane and Michael met, we see that Jane was in another love triangle, so that I can wonder for a second time why she chose Michael.

The flashback to the beginning of Michael and Jane's relationship provides more interesting backstory and a little bit of reason why she chose him. We finally got some more of Petra's story, as it looks like the plan, presented in a funny code, may fall through.

Jane gets a moment by herself waiting to hear about Michael, and it is an intense, emotional moment. Jane has to make an important decision, and the pressure from Michael's mother makes it difficult. Luckily, she gets a great moment with Alba to think about it, which of course would help because Alba is the best.

Jane gets a moment to talk to Michael before, where she talks about the future she wants. She wants this future so badly that I think it would be so hard to watch Jane have to deal with what would happen if Michael died. Gina Rodriguez nailed this. Good news for Michael leads to bad news for Petra, which is a great way to connect and balance these two stories. The episode has quite the twist ending, with the reveal with Luisa and Rose.

This episode was an emotionally intense one, and I loved it. The other parts of the story also had good moments, even if Petra's storyline might be too far out there.

Score: 9.5/10

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